GretchCannon: Sunday Shoppin!


Sunday Shoppin!

Ok, so the clock fell back last night, and James woke up early this morning. Now he is nappin.. so this girl is shoppin! Bought a couple Xmas gifts on the Nordy website... plus a couple things for ME! I do pride myself in being a "deal" shopper - I HATE paying full price for anything, when I know that somehow, somewhere, there is a discount!

1. I first sign in to, so I can get 5% cash back from my purchase. While there, I found a coupon code for free shipping - HOLIDAY10. 

2. Winter Boots - "Sperry Top-Sider Sydney Waterproof Boot. Last year, I went to Vancouver for NYE. We will be going to NC in Jan to visit Gramma. I found out that Uggs and most of my other "cute" boots don't provide much warmth in rain & snow. These are really cute and I thought they were a good deal.  Were: $84.95, Now: $55.90 = 33% OFF!

3. My 2nd Pair of Flats! - I found a pair of "Me Too" flats at the Nordy Rack by my mom's house several weeks ago and I was so excited. I have a really narrow heel and have never found a pair of flats that would stay on my foot. The Me Too's were stretchy and perfect! They run for over $80 a pair, so they don't come cheap. I have been on the lookout for any more and I found these online this morning! Bronze Metallic, were: $89.95, now: $44.90 = 50% OFF!


4. Super Cute Scarf - Got the "Hollyberry Red" color, to get in the spirit.."Shimmering metallic stripes dress up a casual circle scarf edged with twisted fringe." I love these new "infinity" scarves that have no ends. I think it will be cute with skinny jeans and boots this fall/ winter. Was $48.00, now: $23.90 = 50% OFF!

Ok.. now I must go clean the house!! :) Enjoy your extra hour today! 


  1. love the deals you got girl.. nice job! :)what website did you get them all from?

  2. Nordy sale online baby!! Thanks hon!!

  3. The boots ended up being a bust! Something was wrong inside the heel, so I had to return them to Nordy. Sucks because I am going to Minn. for work next month! Brr!


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