GretchCannon: Sunday Shoppin'


Sunday Shoppin'

I didn't do ANY Black Friday shopping! I found a couple cool things on the Bloomie's site today though! 

Top ZIP Medium Brown Bag - $35 

Hue Corduroy "Jeanz" $25.50 (reg. $34) - 

and a fun gift for my boyfriend..master of the grill! A BBQ Branding Iron :) Fun huh? I think the Bloomie's one was $19.99.

and a couple of gift items that I cannot mention on this blog -- just in case the recipients come snoopin (mom & best friends) !!  

They have some really cute Bloomie's ornaments and coffee mugs. I don't NEED them though, so I resisted those. But they are super cute!! 

 Hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day! Here is me @ my front door. We had 29 people at our house. It was a fabulous, family & friends-filled day. I do feel blessed!

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