GretchCannon: Healthy Room Service!


Healthy Room Service!

Leaving Green Bay today! My nose is so dry and runny and bloody. Ew..TMI I know. Ready to leave negative 17 degree weather and have a nice rest of the weekend in upper 70s in SD county! Stuck to healthy eating as best as possible while in town for work! Snacked on almonds, apples and low sugar protein bars.. ate mostly plain chicken salads in airport restaurants and for lunches...had a bit of steak, potato n green beans last nite at Packers stadium...(where my coworkers had fried cheese curds!?, burgers with fried eggs on top and fried fish!)..and got this breakfast at the hotel both mornings.. 4-5 egg whites and a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with fruit! A little expensive (considering the eggs have no yolks lol), at $20, but its on my company card :P.. some coffee and water, and it was really good & guilt free! No time for exercise, but I will try to get that done this weekend and work hard next week! My goal is to be in shape this spring and summer! :) Youubetcha! :P

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