GretchCannon: 04.2011


US Weekly Magazine Subscription Deal!

Found an amazing deal on renewing my US Weekly Mag that I let run out a couple of weeks ago.
This was on SlickDealz, so I had to share!

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Lean "Spaghetti"!

I have always read about spaghetti squash recipes, but never saw the veggie in the store to try it. A couple weeks ago, I saw some big spaghetti squashes at Albertsons, so I bought one! We already had some thawed lean turkey, some low sugar pasta sauce, and some asparagus at home -- so I decided to try a new din din! 

I looked up different ways to cook this bad boy and the one I chose worked pretty good in my opinion... here ya go, enjoy!! This is how I prepared the meal:
  • Heat oven to 400. 
  • Microwave the whole squash for a few minutes just to get the outside soft enough to cut through. 
  • Start browning the Turkey... add some italian spices for flavor. When the turkey is cooked, add low sugar pasta sauce -- however much you like to cook with your sketz.
  • Spread the asparagus out on a pan or foil (after snipping the thick ends off), drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on some garlic salt and pepper, and squeeze on lots of lemon. 
  • Cut the squash in half, remove all the seeds (feels like you are carving a pumpkin!), drizzle the inside with a tiny bit of olive oil, salt & pepper. 
  • Put squash pan and asparagus pan in the oven.. bake squash for about 30-35 minutes inside part face down, or until it is soft in the middle, but not mushy. I baked my asparagus for about 15 minutes.. I like the spear soft, and the very tip kind of crispy. Mmm!! 
  • When you take the squash out, get rid of the very mushy middle part, and scrape the whole inside out.. this makes stringy "spaghetti-like noodles"! I thought they tasted pretty good plain, too! 
  • Serve the turkey spaghetti sauce on top of your "noodles", maybe with some reduced fat parmesan, and your side of asparagus, and you are good to go!! 
  • Makes yummy leftovers if you have any left, and I can't wait to eat this again!! 


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