GretchCannon: Wish Lists & ZWOW #4


Wish Lists & ZWOW #4

Did 60 min incline walking on the treadmill yesterday at the gym. Had pita chips for dinner though with some hummus. My stomach has been killing me for some reason so I felt sick. And, I was wiped out from the cardio. I have low blood sugar & low blood pressure, so after that long, I feel like I need a salty sugary treat. I will have to remember to drink PowerAde Zero vs. plain water when I can at the gym. Tonight I had some fun pinning all kinds of Wish List stuff to my Pinterest ...

...and then I did ZWOW #4! It took me about 20 minutes, but I had to do some modifications. I cannot do 20 burpees with pushups like she does, and my jump rope kept falling apart. But, I still finished with a beet red face, so I think I did well. Tomorrow is Friday, so Happy Friday!

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