GretchCannon: Goodbye March, Hello April!


Goodbye March, Hello April!

March is over, as of yesterday. I felt like it was a long month! I think maybe it was! Or maybe it was because I was tracking all of my expenses on my budget! lol. Let's recap my March...
  • Nephew Cade turned 4 and we had a fun birthday at his house.
  • I tried a church in my area! It was really nice. I need to try and go more often. 
  • James bought a new car. He is crazy. 65 Mustang, from Texas. We named him Dallas. 
  • I had to drive the van for my vanpool A LOT. Blah. 
  • James & I hit up the local bar one night and had a great time. 
  • Had a fun Girl's Saturday with Jamie in Newport.
  • Went line dancing one night with James's sister and sister-in-law! Loved it! 
  • Donated my old treadmill "Fred" to the Vietnam Veterans Association, and started working on our downstairs gym project in our house!! More on that later! 
  • Had a good Dr. checkup and mother-daughter day. 
  • Middle of the month had a bad cold all week! That was horrible! 
  • Sold my old jewelry armoires via Craigslist, and bought a new larger one that I love! 
  • Had a fun Girl's night with Elaine in Newport.
  • Went to a nice memorial service yesterday for James's best friend's brother in Temecula. 
  • Worked out some - using a couple cool tools this month.. Zuzana Light & my Fitness Pal app on my iPhone, to count calories (when I remember or am trying hard!), and workouts (calories burned). Let me look back for the big report.. 713 minutes or 12 hours or 16 days, of deliberate exercise. I think that is pretty good! Hopefully I can keep it up and do more! 
  • My budget went well! 
Looking forward to in April.. 
  • Getting my hair done (hey, it is a big deal when you got this much hair! lol) 
  • Stagecoach!! 
That is all I know so far... but I did want to wish you all love and a... 

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