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Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer Review

I am so excited that I finally got to try Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer!
I am posting this as my 2nd What I ate Wednesday post! WIAW #2.

I got a bag of vanilla, and a sample of chocolate to try. I got my product 3 days after I ordered it, which is amazing! And, I am a coffee feign, so this quick shipping is helpful to know - in case you really need to get your creamer stat!

From their website -

Ripped Cream is a high-protein, all-natural, gluten-free coffee creamer enriched with vitamin D3 and 11 amino acids. Ripped Cream is made with simple and healthy natural ingredients that follow the stringent guidelines of Whole Foods.
Each serving of Ripped Cream contains as much protein as an egg!
75% of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D, the so-called "sunshine vitamin" whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes, according to new research. Each serving of Ripped Cream contains 50% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3.
A serving size is two tablespoons for 8 ounces of coffee and has 90 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 110 milligrams of sodium, 8 grams of sugar and 5 grams of protein.

The 8 oz. resealable bag gives you 11 servings. You can also buy a big 16 oz. bag, or try the 1 serving sample packets. 
I tried the chocolate sample pack in a full mug of piping hot vanilla Foldgers ground coffee (Dunkin Donut vanilla is my fav but at $10 sometimes at the store, I got Foldgers in my cup this time). It stirred in super easily. Not too sweet, not too bland and really smooth tasting actually! I added 1 packet of Truvia to sweeten it up some. This is good so that you can sweeten to your liking. You could use any sweetener you usually use in your coffee. 
Next, I tried the vanilla. This time in an iced coffee in the afternoon. It blended better in hot coffee, but all you have to do is stir it good and add Truvia and it is ready! I actually think the protein helped me feel full and curb my appetite some. I am used to vanilla creamers, as I usually favor them. This one was smooth and I am looking forward to adding it to my coffee all week. I surprised myself by liking the chocolate the best though! Maybe it is just a nice change from the ordinary. I think it would also taste really good mixed in hot oatmeal in the morning, in a protein shake, or maybe even in cooking a protein pancake!
You can buy it on their website, in some stores listed on their website, and I even found it on! They just supplied samples in a recent Bulu Box, and I even heard a rumor that a new flavor might be coming out. Mmm.. I think Cinnamon would be delish!
I hope you enjoy the review!

Here is a really cute YouTube commercial they have on their website:

Have you tried Ripped Cream? 

If so, let me know what you think!

You can follow them also on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest!


Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am on vacation this week, and will be back next Wednesday. I wanted to say thanks for reading my blog, and interacting with me here and on other websites. I love all of my friends and followers.

Stay tuned when I come back!! -
My plans for the near and far future include:

-more fitness tips and recipes,
-a ton of product reviews, blog collaborations, 
-fashion and beauty posts, and more! 

And, at some point I want to revamp my banner and create a fun logo and new look and feel. Obviously I have a full time job, and I do this in my spare time on the weekends. I squeeze it in when I can , but I love it. It just feels good to express yourself creatively in your own personal style and way!

Can you guess where I am?

Hopefully I am taking some long walks, seeing some beautiful sites, relaxing with friends, seeing the locals and their lands, drinking some fruity drinks, eating some great food, and just enjoying life :)


Last Week's Fitness

Here is my recap of last week's fitness -

Per my goal the week prior to AT LEAST work out 3 times, I met it - but I wanted to exceed it. This week I will be getting ready for vacation and will possibly only work out 0 to 2 times before I go. And, probably not much while on vacation - but hopefully lots of walking and getting out. Also, check out yesterday's post for tips on working out at home, and some of the videos or workouts I do.

Mon: 75 min; 395 cals
Strength: 30 min toning videos 
Cardio: 20 min T25 #3;  25 min 1.25 miles treadmill 

Tues: Rest

Wed: Rest

Thurs: 60 min; 330 cals 
30 min T25 #4 Abs Video,
Cardio Treadmill Incline Walk with 100 reps arms 5lbs dumbbell - 1.5 miles 30 min 

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest

Sun: 60 min total 360 cals 
40 min T25 videos at home - lower & cardio;
Treadmill cardio 20 min 1 mile

Goals for when I get back from vacation including getting back on a regular plan or routine. And, my eating has not been perfect either.. But - I get excited just thinking about getting back in control and back on track. It is when I feel my best!

What did you do last week?

What goals do you have for next week?

Talk to you soon.

A Fit Fashionista


Fitness Tip of the Day - At Home Videos and Workouts

For something Marvelous in your Monday -- MIMM #4,
I wanted to give you all an easy fitness tip of the day..

Use YouTube and even Pinterest for free workouts and workout videos! I have created a playlist on YouTube that I wanted to share with you guys. I am always adding to it, and may break it out by body parts or workout types eventually.

Check it out here for now - A Fit Fashionista's Fitness Workouts  - and be sure to subscribe to my channel - for miscellaneous vlogs about fitness, health, fashion & beauty reviews, hauls and tips.

I also have a collection of at-home workouts on Pinterest too! Click here for the link to the board!

I often take my iPad or even iPhone downstairs to our home gym, and then stream to my Apple TV and work it out! I love the Tone it Up girls and Livestrong Woman, and as you can see, I have found some additional channels and workouts to add to the list recently. I also like to do P90x & Insanity sometimes to mix things up. If I am doing this type of workout at home, I will try to do up to 30 minutes of toning or weights types of videos, and then follow the workout with some cardio. I either do another video for cardio, or jump on the treadmill or go outside for walking or jogging.

I love to use my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor when I work out at home, so I can easily keep track of the time, and see how many calories I have burned. It is an awesome motivator!

As you can see, these are some easy ways you can work out at home, when you are short on time or money. Most of the exercises can be done with just your body weight. Or, you can get a cheap pair of 5-15 lb dumbbells at Target or online at I usually use 5 to 8 lbs for most of the videos, since you are doing so many reps!

Ok, I am off to do some Sean T25! 25 minutes of burnin' cals!

What is your favorite at-home workout video?

If you also have a YouTube playlist like this, please leave a link in the comments! 


Shoe Sale Websites & Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fall Boots

I have fall shoes on my mind and summer shoes in my brain (and on my feet!).
Check out the Nordy sale boots that I am lusting over - and the pair I bought!!!!!

So, if you are like me, and have a Nordstrom card - you get early access to the Anniversary Sale!
I looked online a little, and put things in my cart that I never paid for.. the other day. This way I can think about things, and whether or not I really want to purchase something.

Then, I went to the cafe at Nordy for lunch with my mom the other day. And SHE wanted to pass by the shoe section. LOL. Danger for me, because then I was dying over a pair of Michael Kors boots for Fall. I didn't have time to try them on or anything because I had to go back to work, but I did cruise back to the website tonight to see what gems I could find.. and may or may not have purchased the boots.. Read on.

  • LUSTING over a few pairs of brown boots! I have a tall and short black boot that I love, and a light tan casual riding boot that I love, but I need a medium brown tall (and short, for that matter) boot that I can wear with everything this fall. 

  • Tory Burch'Brita' Riding Boot
Sale: $299.90, After Sale: $495.00
The color and quality of these look amazing! And they are Tory Burch and retail almost $500! I still can't
bring myself to spend $300 on shoes, so I will keep dreaming of one day owning a pair of Tory boots. 

  • Frye'Melissa Harness' Boot
Sale: $265.90, After Sale: $397.95
Aw man - these are awesome. I ordered some Frye boots from Zappos a year or 2 ago, and I didn't love how 
stiff they felt, so I sent them back. Again, these are almost $300, and a little more casual than I was looking for, 
so Frye boots I will dream of owning in the future with my Tory boots. 

  • Steve Madden, 'Tennasee' Boot
  • Sale: $79.90, After Sale: $119.95
  • These are super cute! I don't feel like I NEED these, so I didn't buy them. But, how cute would these be with 
  • anything? Skinny jeans, rolled up jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. 

Ok, I bought them.. :) :) :) So excited.. 

  • Sale: $179.90 After Sale: $274.95
  • So, under $200.. and retail almost $300.. I got these beautiful Kors boots. They are the perfect brown, and actually 
  • kind of similar to the Tory boot. I love the metal logo detailing on the front. The elastic back is something I am not 
  • used to, but I think it will be fine from the reviews I read. And, Nordy's return policy is fabulous. I think with tights
  • for work they will look amazing, and they will polish off some skinny jeans perfectly. I can't wait to get them 
  • in the mail and try them on and see how they fit. Love love love love them! OH! And, I used my triple points day 
  • on my Nordy card, and will be receiving a small percentage back from Ebates

Here are the other 2 shoe sale websites that I discovered and am so excited to check out! 

This is a site that Kimora Lee Simmons actually founded. All styles on the website are just under 40 bucks, shipping is free on everything, and right now, you actually get 2 pairs for 1. It asks you a few questions, and then customizes the selection to show you first what might fit your style best. The shoes are super stylish and who doesn't love shoes?

You may have heard of Sole Society before, but maybe you have not! They deliver high quality shoes, handbags, and accessories at amazing prices! There are different collections, a magazine, a community, and even a section from Julianne Hough. Shipping is free, and the styles are kind of amazing! You can get 20% off if you click the link below! 


Happy shopping this weekend!

Do you plan on buying anything from the Nordstrom sale? 

Have you ever ordered from Sole Society or Just Fab?


Sassy Summer Hair Accessories

Check out some of these adorable Sassy Summer Hair Accessories that Forever21 is carrying right now. I am really digging the boho vibe these give off, and I think they look so cute on everyone!

Forever21 has a lot of them under their "Sunset Seekers" collection, which is a super cute name because it just goes with that carefree vibe.

I bought the first 2 below the other day for $3.80 each, and the black one was only $2.80!
Such a fun, cheap way to add some sass to your look, right?

I am also in love with these, and may need to make another purchase..

Here is me with an older one that I own, over the weekend before heading out for a camping trip, over some beach waves/ naturally wavy hair:

Do you own any of these fun head wraps?
Or, do you have any other fun ways to accessorize hair this summer?


Last Week's Fitness

Last week, I worked out 3 of 7 days. I wanted to do more, but I am happy with at least 3!

Here are some fun photos from the week. I had decent eats during the week, but enjoyed a couple of cervezas and some carne asada & guacamole tacos on the weekend :)

Hopefully this can be my 1st What I Ate Wednesday post (WIAW #1), and you will see a lot more of these!


  • 65 Min at Home 
  • Strength: (Push) Chest/ Shoulders/ Tris for 30 minutes 
  • Cardio: Treadmill 2+ miles for 35 minutes
Tuesday: Rest 
Wednesday: Rest 

  • 80 Min at Home; 330 Calories Burned
  • Strength: Toning Booty Videos from YouTube 30 min 
  • Cardio: T25 Video #1 30 min, easy walk outside 20 min
  • 80 Min at Home; 377 Calories Burned
  • Strength: Toning (Push) Back/ Bis & Abs YouTube Videos 30 min 
  • Cardio: T25 Video #2 Speed 25 min, easy walk outside 25 min 
Saturday: Rest (but ran around all day getting our camper set up!) 
Sunday: Rest (but ran around all day cleaning up the camper! lol) 

What did you do last week? 
Hopefully I can get at least 3 in again this week! 


OOTD Outfits of the Day

 Here are some recent OOTD Outfits of the Day that I wanted to share with you guys!

San Jose Los Cabos OOTD 
Top - Local Boutique 
Shorts - Banana Republic
Shoes - Nine West 
Bag - Coach 
Bracelets - Charming Charlie & Windsor 
Necklace - Forever 21

Work OOTD 
Bag - LV Totally 
Purple Pants & Multicolor Scarf - Target 
Black Shoes - Soft 
Black Shirt & Silver Necklace - Banana Republic 

Camping OOTD 
Flip flops - Reef 
Camo Cutoff Shorts - Target
Army Tank & Bralette - Local Boutique 
Necklace - Francesca's (gift) 
Bracelets - From The Bahamas & Hawaii~!

Post a link to some of your recent outfit posts! 
Any other tips on what to wear for a casual camping trip?

A Fit Fashionista


Pac Sun Summer Sale Fashion Haul

I hope everyone had a great weekend! :)
I wanted to share a little MIMM #3 with you all - my Pac Sun Summer Sale Fashion Haul!

I got an email about a 50% off sale, so I went on over on my virtual beach cruiser, and was sucked in by the carefree beach lifestyle that PacSun portrays. Then, I found a 10% coupon on Ebates!

I think I got some great deals!

Billabong Gypsy Outlaw Pants

Original: $39.50
Markdown: $29.99
Promotion: $14.99
With Ebates 10% Code: $13.49 
In a previous post, I was wondering if this type of pants would be cute, so at least now I can try them for cheap! I think they will be cute with some wedges and a tank top this summer. 

Kirra Acid Wash Jogger Shorts

Original: $29.50
Markdown: $19.99
Promotion: $9.99
With Ebates 10% Code: $8.99
I love comfy shorts for lounging around the house in, or sleeping in, or playing outside in. You can never have too many!

Billabong  Sun Fun Van Tank

Original: $22.50
Markdown: $16.99
Promotion: $8.49
With Ebates 10% Code: $7.64
This tank is so cute to wear with some cutoffs at the river or beach this summer with a tan and some flip flops. Less than $8.. can't beat that. 

Roxy Pier II Sneakers

Original: $39.50
Markdown: $29.99
Promotion: $14.99
With Ebates 10% Code: $13.49
These are not something I would normally buy, but I do have a few pairs of Toms, and I thought these were similar. We just bought an RV for camping, so I thought these would be cute to wear around the beach or lake when we go camping. Easy, breezy with some shorts and a tank!

Kandy Wrappers  Bow Halter Top

Original: $44.95
Markdown: $34.99
Promotion: $17.49
With Ebates 10% Code: $15.74
Ok, I can never have too many bikinis for some reason, and I have been loving this bows trend that I have seen all over Pinterest this year. But, I did not want to pay the price to try the trend out. Bikinis can go for $100, $200! Now, for around $30, I can get the whole suit! So super cute, I can't wait!

Kandy Wrappers Bow Bottom

Original: $42.95
Markdown: $34.99
Promotion: $17.49
With Ebates 10% Code: $15.74

So... $218.90 went down to $166.94 when the items were marked down. Then with the 50% off markdown sale, the total went down again to $83.44, and then I used the Ebates 10% off code, and my total, with $6.01 sales tax & free shipping was $81.10. I saved over 135 bucks! I do love and take pride in finding some good deals and a good sale. I mean who can buy a bikini for that cheap these days from a surf shop?

Does anyone know of any other deals going on lately?
I hope you have a wonderful week!


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