GretchCannon: Last Week's Fitness


Last Week's Fitness

Here is my recap of last week's fitness -

Per my goal the week prior to AT LEAST work out 3 times, I met it - but I wanted to exceed it. This week I will be getting ready for vacation and will possibly only work out 0 to 2 times before I go. And, probably not much while on vacation - but hopefully lots of walking and getting out. Also, check out yesterday's post for tips on working out at home, and some of the videos or workouts I do.

Mon: 75 min; 395 cals
Strength: 30 min toning videos 
Cardio: 20 min T25 #3;  25 min 1.25 miles treadmill 

Tues: Rest

Wed: Rest

Thurs: 60 min; 330 cals 
30 min T25 #4 Abs Video,
Cardio Treadmill Incline Walk with 100 reps arms 5lbs dumbbell - 1.5 miles 30 min 

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest

Sun: 60 min total 360 cals 
40 min T25 videos at home - lower & cardio;
Treadmill cardio 20 min 1 mile

Goals for when I get back from vacation including getting back on a regular plan or routine. And, my eating has not been perfect either.. But - I get excited just thinking about getting back in control and back on track. It is when I feel my best!

What did you do last week?

What goals do you have for next week?

Talk to you soon.

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  1. I want to keep my running distance the same for next week and focus more on trying to build speed and just keep getting my body ready for my half marathon.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks Lady! Just got back - it was great! I def need to work out now! LOL. So excited for your half marathon! Is it your 1st?

  2. Enjoy your vacation this upcoming week girl! Your workouts look great.. as always :)

    1. Thank you so much - just got home. Need to work out bad! Hope you are having a great week too!


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