GretchCannon: Workin' on my fitness


Workin' on my fitness

MIMM: Marvelous in My Monday #2:
Workin' on my fitness!

I wanted to recap my week of fitness today for my MIMM. I got 3 strength workouts in and 4 cardio workouts in this week. I wish I would have gotten in 1 more day of something, but 4 days doing some sort of exercise is good right? Better than nothing!

Mon: at home - 35 min push - chest, shoulders, tris; 
treadmill cardio 40 min 2.45 miles
total  411 cals 1 hr 15 min

Here is a shot of my healthy meals from Monday -- tried to get in lots of water, had some protein oats with fruit, a big salad, a Lean Body for Her shake, fruit, another big salad, a yummy Quest Nutrition PB bar, and rocked my FTYF tank top!

Tues: gym - 30 min legs, 
cardio precore elliptical 35 min 2.5 miles 
300 cals. 

Here is a shot of some of the awesome Pandora tunes that I rocked out to at the gym. I need music to get through my workouts! I also like to watch TV at home when I do cardio. 

Wed: Rest

Here are some of my healthy eats for Wednesday! I had my protein oats, greek yogurt, a big salad and an orange, some strawberries, another big salad, some almonds, and a sweet potato with peanut butter! Yum!

Thurs: 40 min treadmill cardio - 2 miles

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest

Sun: 30 back bis abs at home; 
cardio treadmill 35 miles 2 miles

I got some grocery/ food shopping done - the top photo shows things I scored at the 99 cent store! Can you believe they have groceries now? I wish it was closer to my house, I would definitely take advantage more often! I got a bag of lettuce, 2 Monster energy drinks, blueberries, a bag of yummy plums, and a bag of potatoes!

Then at Target (aka The Happiest Place on Earth), I got my usual Coffee-mate creamer, and then I got some Girl Scouts SAMOA cookie creamer (so good!), some Powerade Zero, Zico Coconut Water, Truvia sweetener, Blue Diamond Almonds, and SKIPPY NATURAL Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate. To die for. I am sure you can get a lot of this stuff on Amazon, but I was lucky to find these goodies at Target! 

 I had some fun meals, and lazy days over the 4th of July weekend, but I am hoping to get back on track this week so I can feel good about some summer trips and cute outfits in my near future!

What workouts do you plan on doing this week?
What was your biggest indulgence over the holiday weekend?


  1. A sweet potato with peanut butter? Genius! Maybe even better with almond butter :)

    My workouts this week are running and Body Revolution. After a short running break I'm ready for a new week!

    1. Yum! I love Almond Butter too! Thanks for commenting. What is Body Revolution?

  2. How do you prepare your protein oats? I haven't used protein powders in my diet, what do you recommend for getting started?

    1. Joanna - thanks for stopping by! Great idea for another recipe post that I will have to do soon! Come back by this week actually on Thurs 7/11 & you can see 2 of my favorite whey proteins on the blog. I basically just cook my oats by adding hot water, and I just add a scoop of really flavorful whey protein, and some peanut butter and/or berries! Let me know if you try it out!

  3. awesome work on your week of workouts and healthy eating! i spy the new coffee-mate girl scout creamer in your last picture!! is it as amazing as it looks?!?!

    1. Linz - thanks so much! trying to stay on track again this week! The creamer is so good! lol. Darn girl scouts got me again! I still add a little truvia to my coffee as well - so i try not to use too much creamer. But, i really liked it! Did you try it yet?

  4. Ah Target! You are right... it is by far the happiest place on earth :)

    1. Jessie - thanks for visiting. YA happiest place on earth! I could live there! Good thing my closest store is 30 min away. It might be a bad thing though actually because I go crazy when I finally get to go! lol


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