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Cute Ankle Booties for Fall!

I have really been wanting some cute low brown ankle booties for fall that are super casual and I could wear over skinny jeans. Here are some super cute ones I found when I was shopping online today! And, they are all under $100.

Rocket Dog Sheena from for $65
Jessica Simpson Octave 2 from for $76
MIA Roam from for $56
Report Juliee from for $69
I still really love the ones because of the fringe, and the Rocket Dogs look super comfy - but I found these, which were only $40, free shipping and EXACTLY what I had in my mind! Can't wait to get them! 

MIA Crusader from $39.99! I love them!

Have you bought any booties for fall?


MIMM #8: Protein Pancake Food Prep!

Happy Marvelous In My Monday! Thanks Katie as always for the link up group! 

I caught a cold from James late last week, so my weekend unfortunately was not too marvelous. 
I mostly rested and relaxed, did laundry, got a small amount of light cardio in, watched a lot of TV (Camp, Project Runway, Extreme Weight Loss, Kardashians), and rested. 

Last night we did do some food prepping for the week though - so I thought that would be appropriate to share today. It is really helpful to us to prep food when we are trying hard to eat healthy and get in shape. I decided to bust out the breakfasts earlier in the day, so we could eat right away and so we wouldn't have to do them at night. 

Check out my delicious pancake short stack below. My friend Danitza always posts amazing recipes on her website, and last month sometime, I asked how she made her little short pancake stacks with fluffy little pancakes. She directed me to this cool silver dollar pancake pan that you can buy on - here is the one I bought, it was about $30. You might be able to find them at or too, but Prime is super easy for me to order with free shipping and I usually get things super fast. 

My protein pancake short stacks = 1/3 cup plain oats, 1/2 cup egg whites, cinnamon, 1 Truvia - mix it up in the NutriBullet - and pour onto the pan. These cook quickly because they are thin, so you can turn over in a couple of minutes with a fork. Mine aren't as fluffy as Danitza's, but I did make them differently. I love their little miniature size though! I added a handful of walnuts, a couple squirts of butter spray, and Walden Farm's blueberry sugar free syrup that I actually bought from So good and so cute!

Here is my station when I was almost finished - I was cooking James's pancakes on the right side, and he was cutting chicken and getting it ready for a marinade. 

I made pancakes for me for Mon-Sat!

And, the same for James! Miss Boot was very interested. His pancakes are 1 pack of Weight Control Oats Maple Flavor, 1 cup of eggwhites, and 1/4 cup frozen blueberries mixed together. His are definitely not as beautiful, but they do taste good! It only took me 1 hour to make 12 pancakes for the week, plus our 2 for breakfast - so 14 pancakes! I had a rhythm goin!

I am on the up and up a little bit regarding my stupid head cold, but my nose is either so stuffy or so runny that I can't sleep, so I try to prop my head up, then my mouth gets so dry I have to get water, then my neck is so sore the next day. Ugh. Am I the only one this happens to every time I get sick? I hope it gets better this week - I need some sleep and I have a busy week ahead! 

I hope your Monday is Marvelous - I will be working from home today, eating my prepped food, maybe go get a spray tan, try to get a weights workout in, and I am hoping to go look at an elliptical tonight that someone is selling on Craigslist, for our home gym! 

Also, check out my Quest Bar giveaway if you haven't already - the contest to get a free box of bars ends this Friday! Good luck! Link here. 

What plans do you have for today or this week? 

A Fit Fashionista 


Quest Bar Review & Giveaway!

I was so excited to try a bunch of fun stuff recently sent to me from Quest Nutrition! I got a ton of the Quest Bars, the Cravings peanut butter cups pack, and a sample of each of the pastas. My #1 tip off the bat would be to try a Variety or Sample box before you buy an entire box of 1 flavor based on a review you read, or spend money on each bar by itself.

Here is some fun info about the bars - they have 20 grams of protein in them, no sugar or sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. The non-fiber carbs are super low, so that means that your net carb count is super low. If you are like me and have tried every protein bar on the market, you know that this bar is pretty special. It doesn't taste like chalk, for one! 

My #onaquest photo is below. If you are on Instagram at all, you would know that Quest has a crazy cult following it seems in the fitness world right now. I also love this blurb below from the website about why they were designed:

Quest bars were designed for anyone who cares about good nutrition and a leaner body.That's really all it takes to become part of the Quest team. It doesn't matter what your specific quest is, just that you have one. So, whether you're trying to lose a beer belly to pick up more chicks, trying to get SHREDDED and lean for a competition, or you're looking to add some lean muscle mass so you can whoop Michael Phelps' ass the next time you see him down at the Y. Quest Bars are going to give you exactly what you need to be successful at any goal you strive for.The funny thing is, there is no big mystery to good nutrition and dieting. Most people know roughly what they should be eating. It's just that there isn't much on the market that offers great nutrition, great taste and convenience in one energy bar. So, for those of you looking for a low-carb snack that's actually healthier than your regular meals, Quest has exactly what you're looking for.
And best of all, you can try Quest Protein Bars risk free. We're so certain that you're going to LOVE it, that if you don't agree that it is the world's GREATEST low carb protein bar, we'll give you your money back. Go on, try one. It's the nutrition bar you've been looking for.

So, I know you are dying to find out what my favorite item was. You probably already know. My favorite item that I have tried so far... Peanut Butter Cups - are you kidding me?

You have to be careful and put them in the fridge right when you get them, so that they retain their shape, etc. Quest even gives you a note reminding you to do so. This is especially important in the hot summer I would imagine. I ate my 1st one right away, and the other 3 soon after. They aren't super sweet like a Reese's, but the peanut butter is delicious, and I loved knowing that I was having a treat and getting protein at the same time! The fat is higher, but it is all from the natural peanut butter (that I would be eating anyways). The chocolate is packed with protein. I am honestly scared to buy boxes of these and keep them in the house. Even though they are healthy, I don't trust myself not to go overboard! I am going to buy a box for my Dad though. I think he will love them! Obviously - I give these an 11 out of 10. 


The flavors of the bars that I have tried so far are below. 

See the photo for how I like to eat them. I usually eat only half at a time, and save the rest for later. I read that microwaving them for about 15 seconds is the best way to enjoy them. So, I found that I need to lightly spray a glass bowl with Pam or Coconut Oil spray, then heat up in my microwave for 16 seconds. I am sure each person and each microwave are different. The one photographed is the Banana Nut flavor. There is an all natural and an original line. I have tried bars from both lines. See below for a list. Basically, if you can think of a dessert - they are making a bar for it. 

I give this one an 8 out of 10. I liked it heated up, but I don't really ever love banana flavors compared to having a real banana. And it wasn't fluffy like a muffin. BUT - I think next time I will put some real banana slices in the bowl, along with some peanut butter. Sounds fab. 

This was my FAVORITE bar by far. I give it a 10 of 10. I loved it heated up - I love chocolate, and it was very chocolatey tasting, without being too sweet or tasting too fake. Next time I buy a box of 1 flavor, it would definitely be this. I also have seen people posting Quest Bar recipes on Instagram, so I would love to try some of those with this flavor. I want to put frozen yogurt with it. LOL. 

I give this bar an 8 - it is probably my 3rd favorite. Heated up, it tastes kind of like cookie dough, which is what I would expect. I did not like it as much not heated up. 

I give this bar alllmost an 8. It is pretty good - but might be better if I mixed it up in my cinnamon oatmeal maybe to get more cinnamon flavor out of it. 

I gave this one a 7.5. It was not my favorite, but it was decent cold and hot. I think maybe chunks of coconut and cashew would make it more interesting, or macadamia instead of cashew!

This one was a surprise! I liked it better cold vs. nuked. I honestly give it a 6 when nuked, but a 10 cold. So, this would be my pick to take on the go with you and eat any time. Maybe it is because I would eat a PB&J cold? Who knows. I loved the contrast of the PB and the jelly taste, and definitely want to try this one again! 

Every time i saw this wrapper, I thought it was Pumpkin Pie due to the graphic. That being said, I think they need to make a pumpkin bar next. Imagine that during the Holidays to curb your sweet tooth! It wasn't super peanut buttery to me, but I give it an 8.5 to a 9. I like anything peanut butter though, so I am probably biased. 

I give this a 9, but I would probably buy the PB cups again before buying this flavor in a bar. It sounds like some of the flavors are just really similar. 

I give this one a 9 - it is really yummy heated up for 20 seconds - there are baby pieces of chewy apple inside that are so good, and its cinnamony and gooey and yummy. I would buy this one again for sure. 

This one is  something you might like to try when you don't want the decadence of chocolate or peanut butter. My boyfriend and I shared it cold, and it was about a 7! So good for a protein bar no matter what flavor it seems like. And, very filling. 

I have not tried yet - 

White Chocolate Raspberry - I have not tried yet! This is a new flavor, and sounds good! I bet the white chocolate tastes amazing if it is anything like the chocolate! 

Vanilla Almond Crunch - This one sounds really good, and the wrapper looks appetizing too. 

Strawberry Cheesecake  - This sounds like it would be really really good. 

Lemon Cream Pie - this one sounds so good! I feel like I would want to put some light whip cream on it. Yum! 

Quest Pasta - Can't wait to try the pasta out one day when I am cooking Italian! 

You can find Quest Bars in so many places now - on their website obviously, on, at GNC, Sprouts, some Mobil stations, from what I see on the map near me, Nutrition Zone, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. I did a quick Google search and also saw,,,,, - so basically almost anywhere now! No excuses not to get your Quest on.

Have you tried Quest bars yet? If so, what is your favorite bar or treat?

Do you have any fun Quest bar recipes to share? A new way to eat them that I didn't try?

Thanks for reading my review!

Now - enter to win some Quest products of your own!! Contest starts Friday morning and ends the next Friday night. The winner will receive a sample pack of Quest Bars to try for themselves!!

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A Fit Fashionista

All-Natural Style Secrets: Seventh Generation Skin Serum

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I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog. I was so excited to try it!

So, I got ready today to run some errands and used the Seventh Generation Skin Serum that I received to build an effortless natural look! I used to it help take my makeup off last night, i put it on after I washed my face this morning, and I put it in the ends of my hair today!  You are supposed to apply 1-2 pumps to fingertips and massage into damp skin, or even mix 1-2 pumps in your hand with another Seventh Generation lotion or cleanser and massage into skin. 

Here is my natural, moisturized look!! I have minimal makeup on, and added eyeliner. No filter, and my skin and hair felt great!

Ingredients in the product - jojoba, acai, and passionflower help restore natural moisture balance to skin, helps relieve and protect skin against dryness, and says it is formulated to provide all-day moisture. 

I like that it is not tested on animals, the packaging is made from recycled materials, the ingredients are pure and natural. The products are hypoallergenic and won't clog pores. 
I even liked to put the excess that was on my hands into my cuticles and rubbed on to dry places on my body like my elbows and knees! The smell is really light and refreshing too. 

I went on the Seventh Generation website, and was happily surprised to see that they have tons of products to choose from. You can purchase from places like Walgreen's,,,, and more. The price point on this one is $14.99 for 1.5 FL oz. This means you can stick this in your carry-on Ziploc when you travel with no problems too! 

A Fit Fashionista's All Natural Style Secrets:

1. Wash your face 2x a day! Always remove your makeup before you go to bed at night, then always wash your face in the morning to remove your nightly skincare products, and start fresh with your morning ones! 

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Apply your skincare products each morning to a clean face, and again each night to a clean face. You will help restore your skin's balance and keep your skin looking fresh, young, and clean! 

3. Be yourself! The key to a natural look is to let your natural beauty shine through. So, keep it minimal, rock a fresh face and a good attitude, and you will feel confident and positive all day long! 

Have you tried any of the Seventh Generation beauty products? 

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WIAW #4 - Good Eats This Week!

Happy hump day, and I know I am a late late girl on Wednesday night, but here are some things I have been eating lately! Creep on ova to my kitchen! Thanks Jenn, for hosting another What I Ate Wednesday for us!

Here is a row in our fridge -- the HOT SAUCE row! I was never a big spicy food fan before I met James, but he has opened my eyes (or mouth) to trying a little bit here and there and I am getting more used to it! I like Tapatio and Cholula the best! 

I got these preshhhh Warhol Andy Warhol Perrier waters at Target! There were 2 designs, but I liked this one the best. I have been sipping sparkling water sometimes lately when I have a craving!

Here is Miss Boots, my compadre' and my nosey kitty that wants some chicken! We have been using the grill almost every night lately for our chicken or fish and veggies. I love grilled veggies!! And this Walden Farms BBQ sauce you can buy on or sometimes find at Target is pretty tasty, I must say. 

I ran a billion errands on Saturday, and treated myself to a (let's see if I get this right) - Grande Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade! Super yummy, but too much ice. Need more yummy tea, less ice.

Here is a good fish meal James cooked up for me one night - Tilapia on the grill, and some mixed veggies from the grocery store sauteed in a pan. 

Did I mention we have been grilling a lot lately? ;)

And, we are trying to get back in the habit of prepping our food. Fail to plan, plan to fail, right? I feel like I have barely eaten any of it when the weekend creeps up and we have to cook again! But, I definitely make some better food choices this way when I am ready to pop something in the microwave, vs. making or getting some less healthy for dinner, when I am tired from working all day. I hope we can keep it up!

Last but not least, a salad beast I created the other day. I LOVE Trader Joe's butter lettuce (thanks to my mama!), and i put peppers and onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans in the salad with olive oil, vinegar and lemon. Yum! Delish!

I hope everyone had a fab hump day!!! Love you all!

What did you eat this past week? 

A Fit Fashionista 

8.19.2013 Review: Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Protein Powder - MIMM #7

Happy Monday everyone! Wanna know something Marvelous in My Monday? This is my 7th MIMM post - I got 2 new tubs of Gaspari MyoFusion protein powder recently from and wanted to review them for you!

I have a sensitive stomach, as I am sure a lot of my blog readers do too. Some protein powders hurt my stomach and leave me feeling really uncomfortable. I was recommended to the MyoFusion proteins by several friends who liked them. I had also heard they were good for baking with. Sold! In the past I have tried their Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and their Cinnamon Roll. The PB one tastes great in oatmeal, and the Cinnamon Roll was my favorite to use for a slushy creamy protein shake.

I recently got the chance to order some new stuff from - and I had actually gone through my other 2 whole tubs of protein powder! I feel like I should look like superwoman by now at least. I cruised the site, and decided to try 2 new flavors that I had not tried before, and probably wouldn't normally order. I picked these 2 - Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion® Probiotic Series Protein Powder Cookies and Cream and Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion® Probiotic Series Protein Powder Banana Perfection -- 2 lbs. has amazing prices too - you actually save 43% off the normal retail price, when you order from their site. 

Here is what I got in the mail - the 2 protein tubs, a free sample of an amino supplement, and a summer catalog. Shipping was super quick as well.

Here is some info from the site
  • 48g Protein Per 2 Scoops
  • 18g Essential Amino Acids
  • 500 Million CFU
  • Elite Athlete Protein Powder
  • Advanced Six Stage Protein Blend
  • Facilitates Maximum Recovery
  • Infused with a Powerful Probiotic
  • Supports Immune and Digestive Health
  • Gluten and Aspartame Free Formula
  • ZERO Artificial Colors
  • Incredible Taste! • Mixes Easily
  • Naturally and Artificially Flavored
  • PRE • POST • Between Meals
MyoFusion® Probiotic Series is a revolutionary protein formulation with a highly potent blend of six amino acid packed sources of protein. To further enhance the revolutionary formula is the durable and patent protected GanadenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086) probiotic. This advanced probiotic is strong enough to survive manufacturing, doesn't require refrigeration, is shelf stable, and survives stomach acids to deliver beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. Real athletes not only need support for recovery, but must also consider JUST THE FACTS to support their healthy lifestyles. This is why MyoFusion® Probiotic Series has set the new standard for high quality proteins for all elite athletes and health enthusiasts around the world.

Advanced six stage protein blend, Patented GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086) Probiotic to support immune and digestive health, Features Whey Protein Concentrate, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin and fast acting Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Over 9 grams of essential Amino Acids (EAAs) to support recovery, Gluten and Aspartame free formula.

And, for the nutrition facts, actually the cookies & cream facts need to be updated - the sugar count is only 3! It looks like they missed the protein count. Banana is listed correctly though - 150 cals for 2 scoops (and I only use 1 scoop, so 75 for me, 2 grams of fat for me, 105 mg sodium, 4.5 grams of carbs, 1.5 sugars, and 12 grams of protein - so 24 grams in 2 scoops. Maybe I will start using 2 scoops!

Here is the cookies & cream photo - I give it a 9! I only give it a 9, because I love the Cinnamon the best so far. But seriously, I used 1 scoop of this, about a cup of unsweetened almond milk, a pinch of Truvia, 5-6 big ice cubes, mixed it up with my NutriBullet, and IT TASTED LIKE AN OREO COOKIE SHAKE. I am not kidding. It was super super good! And my boyfriend James said he actually liked his shaken up with water better because of the little "cookie" peices that you can chew - that get blended in the blender. Delish. I am sure that since James likes this too, we will run out fast! I think it would also taste awesome in oatmeal, so that is my next taste test to do! And, this protein does not hurt my stomach or make it crampy at all - so that is a really huge part in why I will keep using it, too.

Here is the Banana protein and a picture of the shake I just made today for an afternoon snack - same ingredients as I listed above for my cookies n cream shake, but with this protein. Yum again! I give this one an 8. I would have never guessed a banana protein would taste so good! It tastes like a thick shake you would get at like Orange Julius or something. It tastes like I mixed banana pudding mix in the shake and I didn't! I can't wait to try this one baked in muffins and protein pancakes (see my infamous recipe here). I am so glad I decided to try something outside of my comfort zone, and would definitely buy this from again! 

I hope you liked my review! 
Have you ever tried MyoFusion protein? 
Do you have any yummy protein powder recipes you would like to share? 
Anything else I should try out from 

Here is a link where you can sign up for the website if you haven't already! 
And, you get $10 for signing up! 

Have a great week, and I hope you liked the review!

A Fit Fashionista


Convertible Hair Tips

Hey Fashionistas! 

Ever turn down a convertible ride because you didn't want to mess up your hair?
Or, maybe you obliged, but when you got to your destination, your hair was a hot mess?
Here are some tips to look fly in the car, and still be able to look put together when you get to where you are going!

Let me know if you have any other tips like these - I would love to learn how
to tie my hair a scarf without looking like a Golden Girl! I couldn't quite figure out how to make the scarf look right or stay put. You could probably also wear a baseball hat - but it could actually fly off and these tips are for something that might match your outfit if you are planning to go out and are trying to look dressed up a little bit!


  • Style your hair as usual until right before you are ready to leave. A wavy do is best, so that you can braid your hair and embrace any natural wave the braid gives you. 
  • Slip on a wide hair band of some sort and make sure it goes far enough down on your forehead that your bangs are not sticking out - every little baby hair will fly around in your eyes if it is not tucked under! 
  • Pull the bottom of the hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. A thin clear one would be best! 
  • Braid your hair loosely - so that it doesn't fly around in a ponytail, and secure again at the end.
  • Lightly spray with shine spray to tame the fly aways a little. You don't want to use too much hairspray or anything sticky, unless you want the wave to be more apparent when you unbraid your hair.  
  • Pack a small brush or comb in your purse or bag. 
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • When you get to your destination, take everything out, brush your hair out & you are golden!

Do you have any other hair tips for riding in a convertible?

What about on a motorcycle?


MIMM #6: August Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Box Review

Something a little Marvelous In My Monday for you - I got my 1st Pop Sugar Must Have subscription box in the mail on Friday! 

Check out Pop Sugar here: 

I was so excited to try out this box subscription, after hearing about it from my sis-in-law to-be at The Stepford Guide. I was checking my email and the FedEx notifications and we were chatting on Gmail chat while we were both waiting to see what we got. She lives in NY, and I am in CA - she got her shipment in 1st, but we got them on the same day.

How it works, in case you don't know -

The box is a monthly subscription cost of $35 + tax, and shipping is free. I used the REFER5 code for my 1st box, so my total was around $32. If you buy 3 months or more at a time, there are some price breaks they will give you for the commitment. They also do some special seasonal boxes, like their current Fall Style box, for $100, and a Men's box, which my brother apparently loves! 

Here is how the box arrived at my doorstep:

It had 1 small tab of tape and was super easy to open after that. Surprise! It is Christmas! It is my birthday! It felt like some kind of celebration should be happening. It's like you knew it was coming, but you didn't really know what was coming. But, you knew there had to be something fabulous inside! Here is how the box looked when I opened it up. The pink card is heavy stock, and has a beautiful photo and description of every item in the box inside it:

Too much fun, and makes you feel totally special! This would also be a fun gift to give someone. You can gift a subscription to someone as well. That might be fun to do for a long distance friend or relative.

Gorjana Open Circle Necklace - $60
So, I had seen this necklace in a sneak peak email and it is probably what really made me want to actually try the box. It is a really dainty gold necklace - it feels like the material is really nice and sturdy, but it looks really delicate and feminine. I really love it. They are calling it their anniversary gift to their subscribers, so I assume this wouldn't normally be in the box. Without this, I am not sure if the box has enough stuff in it, so I am really happy I got it. You can check out other necklaces on the website - they have tons of gorgeous items. This necklace retails for around $60. There you go - your box is already paid for almost twice! I like to rationalize my shopping when I get a great deal. 

It came in a black felt bag, and attached to a card as pictured. The circle is big enough to go around my thumb, if you are wondering about the size. I also posted a picture of the necklace on me - so you can see the length of the chain. I love where it hits on the body. It looks like something i would see on a TV show or the Bachelor then look up on to see where to buy it.  Also, I would order something else from Gorjana now in a heart beat. It would have been cool if they had included a coupon code. Now I am just getting greedy. This was my #1 favorite thing in the box though, if you couldn't already tell. And, I would definitely rock this necklace with a cute top - not with the workout tank I am currently modeling it with ;) 
Bentgo - $19.99
The next item I checked out was the Bentgo containers. I tried to go in order of the brochure to open my items and review them. As you can see, the brochure showed green, and I got purplish pink. I like the color I got!! It is on sale for $14.99, but let's just say it retails for $19.99. It says it is dishwasher & microwave safe, has a 2 year warranty, has no BPA, lead, vinyl, or PVC in it, and is FDA approved. It looks like it is manufactured in Tustin, CA - which is right in Orange County/ So Cal! So, that is very cool to be able to support or promote a local business. 

As you can see, it comes with a strap to keep the 2 boxes together, a divider inside, and plasticware utensils. This is great for taking my lunch and healthy snacks to work. I have tons of Rubbermaid tupperware, but this is fun and it is purple, so I don't think my boyfriend will steal it for his food ;). I will stick it in the dishwasher today, so that I can use it next week!

LULAH Body Wash - $11.25
The photo and what my sis-in-law got is Magnolia Fig - which sounds amazing. I love fig scents from Bath & Body Works, so I would probably have loved that scent. Andrea said she really loved it. I got Vanilla Orchid though - which smells pretty good. It is a light scent, and I always like vanilla, so I am looking forward to trying it out. I love taking baths, so this is perfect, and it will look cute on the side of the tub or in my little bath basket I use. It is on the Lulah website for $11.25 - which seems like an odd price to me! Why not $10.99 or $11.99? It also says that it usually comes with a pump, so that would have been nice to have for us as well - I love how much easier products are to use with a pump. But, this would be easy for travel or up high in the shower with the lid.  

Their website is really cute, and by the looks of the stores they carry their products in, you can really only find them in specialty beauty stores and boutiques - so that makes this a little more special! They also included a coupon that I will show at the end of the review - for 20% off your 1st purchase - which is really good - but it does expire on 9/30/13. I would love to try some of the other scents and fragrances. These would make a really nice gift for someone. 

May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook - $15 
This is my 3rd favorite thing in the box. I am a sucker for a good planner. I am a note taker, organizer, list-maker, etc. I love notebooks - and I love chevron patterns. The color is like a dark teal. I took a photo of the back, because I thought the packaging was cute - "People against ugly notebooks". Too funny. I concur. I think you really have to check out their website if you think this item is cute. You can personalize the books, and choose from tons of super cute designs. This would be a really cute gift for any girl, I think. 

The book covers are a little flimsy, so you just have to make sure you don't bend it - that is the only con I think. The inside has a weekly agenda area on the left with blank dates, and places on the right side pages to write "Things to do", "Errands to run", and "Oh, and can't forget!" This company is smart - they sent a discount code, but in order to see whether you will get $5, $50 or $500, you have to go to a special Pop Sugar link, and register for their website. I don't mind registering, because I would definitely buy something from them in the future, so I entered my code and they gave me $5. I don't know if I will be able to use it in the near future, but it looks like it is now saved in my account to redeem in the future! 

Lunares Apple Bowl - $29
This and the snacks that you will see below, were on the bottom of my faves list, but this is a good quality home decor item. A similar item on the website retails for $40, but shows 2 apples. It is on sale for $29, and we got 1 apple, so I am going to price point this item at $29. This would be cute as a gift for a child's teacher, or if you wanted to use it for a jewelry dish. You could even put it by the sink and put your rings in it when you are doing dishes. My mom's kitchen is red themed, and I have a friend that is buying a new house soon - so I might just save this one to give as a gift. It would be cute to keep in the kitchen to serve nuts or mints in, or you could use it at your desk for paperclips or pushpins. The entire bottom is a silver metal, the inside is painted nicely red, and it comes in a nice black box. 

Dermacologica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel - $19.50
The 1 oz. of the Precleanse is $9.50 on the website, and says it is good for taking off waterproof makeup, and helps your regular cleaner work better. I am always looking for a good cleaner that will also actually take off your makeup, so this will be nice to be able to try - the 5oz. is $37. It is different because you actually apply and massage it over a dry, not a wet face. The 1.7 oz. Special Cleaning Gel sample is $10 on the website and the full 8.4o oz. bottle is $35. This is supposed to be a foamy soap-free cleanser. We got a nice Pop Sugar customer-specific booklet, and a 25% discount code, expiring 10/31/13 to use on their website. This was actually my 2nd favorite thing in the box, because I have never tried any Dermacologica products, and have always wanted to!

Naturebox Granny Smith Apples - $2
To be honest, this "special extra" made my 1st Pop Sugar box a little less fabulous. I mean, I love a little healthy snack here and there, and it does say that is was an extra, but to go with the "special" feeling this box has, with luxury fashion and beauty items in it, a random snack seems misplaced. If they wanted to include a snack, I would think they would choose something more upscale like a pack of gourmet nuts or chocolate, or a nice tea or coffee. I am seeing online that people think this bag is worth $4, but I don't see the price on the website. I am going to guess more like $2. 

They are actually part of a healthy food subscription box called Nature Box, that Pop Sugar teamed up with. We also received a 50% discount coupon code to sign up for a 1st box with them. I won't be signing up, but I did try the snack, and liked the apples. Ok, I admit - I ate the whole bag while I was working this afternoon. So they weren't bad, just random. There are 2 servings of 100 calories, and the only ingredient is apples. Like I said though, a little misplaced, in my opinion - this is not a food box - but with the partnership - I am thinking Pop Sugar might continue to include more of their products in the future.  

Here is a photo of the coupons - we also got a giveaway invite for an LA Pop Sugar party with Lauren Conrad. They should include some of her clothing or accessories in a box! Anyways, I entered the contest just to fully review the box, and get my money's worth! 

Here is a nice photo of everything laid out - it must be so fun to put these together over at Pop Sugar HQ every month! I am really tempted to sign up for the Must Have Fall box - but it is $100, and I have no idea what is in it, except for a Rachel Zoe ring that they are teasing on the website. I will, however, keep my subscription for now and see what is in store for September! Tallying the prices above, I am guesstimating that this box retails around $155-$160, not counting all the shipping and tax you would have to pay if you bought each item individually. That is pretty freaking fabulous and amazing, if you ask me. I am a sucker for a good deal, I love trying out new products, and I love that I paid under $35 for all of this! So happy I tried it!

I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed writing it! Miss Boots was pretty happy about the Pop Sugar box and my review too. She's fancy.

Click here to sign up to try Pop Sugar out for yourself ( -
and to get $5 off, use the code REFER5.

Have you tried a Pop Sugar subscription box before? Tell me about it! 

If you got this box too, what was your favorite item?


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