GretchCannon: WIAW #4 - Good Eats This Week!


WIAW #4 - Good Eats This Week!

Happy hump day, and I know I am a late late girl on Wednesday night, but here are some things I have been eating lately! Creep on ova to my kitchen! Thanks Jenn, for hosting another What I Ate Wednesday for us!

Here is a row in our fridge -- the HOT SAUCE row! I was never a big spicy food fan before I met James, but he has opened my eyes (or mouth) to trying a little bit here and there and I am getting more used to it! I like Tapatio and Cholula the best! 

I got these preshhhh Warhol Andy Warhol Perrier waters at Target! There were 2 designs, but I liked this one the best. I have been sipping sparkling water sometimes lately when I have a craving!

Here is Miss Boots, my compadre' and my nosey kitty that wants some chicken! We have been using the grill almost every night lately for our chicken or fish and veggies. I love grilled veggies!! And this Walden Farms BBQ sauce you can buy on or sometimes find at Target is pretty tasty, I must say. 

I ran a billion errands on Saturday, and treated myself to a (let's see if I get this right) - Grande Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade! Super yummy, but too much ice. Need more yummy tea, less ice.

Here is a good fish meal James cooked up for me one night - Tilapia on the grill, and some mixed veggies from the grocery store sauteed in a pan. 

Did I mention we have been grilling a lot lately? ;)

And, we are trying to get back in the habit of prepping our food. Fail to plan, plan to fail, right? I feel like I have barely eaten any of it when the weekend creeps up and we have to cook again! But, I definitely make some better food choices this way when I am ready to pop something in the microwave, vs. making or getting some less healthy for dinner, when I am tired from working all day. I hope we can keep it up!

Last but not least, a salad beast I created the other day. I LOVE Trader Joe's butter lettuce (thanks to my mama!), and i put peppers and onions, tomatoes, and kidney beans in the salad with olive oil, vinegar and lemon. Yum! Delish!

I hope everyone had a fab hump day!!! Love you all!

What did you eat this past week? 

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