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MIMM #12: San Diego Saturday in September

Happy Monday & almost October everyone!

Thank you Katie for hosting another Marvelous in My Monday blog link up.

My Saturday morning was pretty marvelous.. Spent in San Diego with my sweetheart.  We drove south to La Jolla and scoped out a place to have brunch. We considered Cody's, which was recommended to us and looked super cottagey, shabby chic & cute. I ended up choosing George's at the Cove, since I remember a friend saying they had an amazing view. The top bar floor had a 60+ min wait, and I requested a seat by the view on the middle floor and waited less than 20 min! So lucky on our fabulous day! 

I had some delicious shrimp tacos & iced tea, and James had an ahi noodle dish, shrimp cocktail & a couple of beers. 

It was relaxing and much needed for us. I always do the "boy" trips & activities with James so this was a nice "Gretchen" day that I have wanted to do for a long time! 

We walked around the La Jolla Cove afterwards and took in the beautiful 75 degree September day.. sunglasses, tank, bag, skirt, Kors watch, flip flops. 

I can't wait to scope out more of San Diego soon! 

How was your weekend? 

Have a great week and a fantastic start to your October. 

A Fit Fashionista 



Happy Saturday everyone!

I just wanted to start this day with a public service announcement - DON'T EAT THE CRONUT! 
One of these new croissant and donut combos is almost 600 calories! So I can eat 2, then I will have entire calorie needs fulfilled for the day! lol. I can't even look at these without gaining weight. Do yourself a favor. Don't do it. Haha, love you guys!! Just lookin' out!


Pop Sugar Box - September Review

TGIF, Happy Friday!

The - September Box that I got last weekend was pretty fabulous!!
Sign up HERE & enter the code REFER5 for a discount if you want to try for yourself.

I honestly never planned on keeping this subscription... but I love it! 

Here is what the box came with this month:

DIY Book - $25
Coasters - $16
Headbands - $12 + 20% coupon (One of my fave items in the box!)
Barr-Co. Diffuser - $46 (One of my fave items in the box!)
Fruit bar - $1.50
Sharkies Energy Chews - $1.50 Coupon - $25

So.. $102 in tangible items + the $25 gift card that I may or may not use.
And the box was only $35, so it continues to be such a good deal!

Did you get this month's box? 
If so, what do you think?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Almost OCTOBER - that came fast!


ZEVIA Giveaway Winners!

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Zevia was generous enough to allow me to select 5 winners for the Zevia giveaway that I hosted last week, so I wanted to post the winners here today for you guys! I use - so these winners are truly selected at random by the system!

Free fabulous fizzy Zevia sample packs will be shipped to:

Elis B.
Jordan D.
Lesli K.

I will be emailing the winners above today to get their mailing addresses.

Thanks everyone for participating. Until the next giveaway!!
Love you all!


MIMM #11: OhYeah! Nutrition So Cal Brand Ambassador

Happy MIMM day - thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Life!
I hope everyone had a great weekend, and also HAPPY FALL!!

Stole this cute little graphic from - although I am never ready to have summer end, since I work inside so much and love the long days and sunshine - fall is always nice too - cooler weather, cute scarves and boots, and lots of much needed family and friend time for the holidays.

I have been wanting to post something I am kind of excited about. I was asked to be a Southern California Brand Ambassador for OhYeah! Nutrition about a month ago! 

You may have seen the lovely Amanda Adams repping this company - she is their only female "athlete" right now, and just from social media interaction, seems like such a sweet person, so passionate and so fit and fun! Just what the brand is all about.

Some of the products you may know of, include:

  • Original Bars (Peanut Butter Crunch is amazing!!)
  • Victory Bars (more clean, and so far I love the Vanilla Almond and the Peanut Butter)
  • Trail Mix Bars
  • Nutritional Ready-to-Drink Shakes & "Tetra" sized RTD shakes
  • Total Protein System Powder (I like Vanilla and Chocolate!)
  • Isolate Powder
  • Total Mass System Powder
  • BCAA Powder
  • CLA Powder
  • Men's & Women's Multivitamin 

You can buy them on the OhYeah! Nutrition website,,, here, and other gyms and drug stores and gas station shops across the country. They have been big on the East Coast (they are based out of good ole NC), since 2004, and they are just starting to make a bigger presence here on the West Coast. I actually 1st tried the delicious original bar when I won a contest on Facebook or Twitter that Amanda Adams was hosting early this year!

Those who know me know that I have a full time job as a Marketing Manager during the week. I work well over 40 hours a week, I commute 140 miles round trip 2x a week, and I have to try to find time to work out, cook, keep the house up, have a life. So, I don't have a lot of free time. But, I LOVE FITNESS and HEALTH. And, I have been slowly getting back into the groove after a 5ish year hiatus due to health issues. I just love this brand, and could not pass up the opportunity. It is just a "side job" working a few times a month on a weekend - behind a booth, handing out samples and being an ambassador for the brand. A little side money, a way to network and be involved in the fitness industry, and hopefully a lot of fun!

I did my 1st job on Saturday and trained with the girl who hired me - at a Vitamin Shoppe in Orange County. Traffic was slow in the store, but I learned and I am excited and ready to rock!

Hope you had a good weekend too!

Any fun plans for the beginning of fall? 
Have you ever tried any OhYeah! Nutrition products?

P.S. Per last week's MIMM, I have a few Lululemon items that didn't fit me that I posted on Ebay here. Some are ending soon, but I have a couple more to post this week, if you want to keep an eye out!

And, my Zevia giveaway ends in a day and a half, so get on that too - if you want to win a free 6-pack of Zevia to try!


Banana Republic Deal of the Day!

TGIF! My fashionista deal of the day is from! My favorite place to shop for work clothes, nice tops, and fun clean jewelry.

The sale that I got in my email inbox today from is to get an additional 40% off sale items. The sale ends 9/21. Check out with code BR48HOUR.

I got 2 cute sweaters!!!! Check them out, I am so excited! I love them!

Striped Peplum Sweater in Nile Clay
$79.50, on sale for $59.99, with code - $35.99 - My 1st peplum ever! lol

"Carpe Diem" Pullover in Bitter Orange
$79.50, on sale for $69.99, with code - $41.99 - Isn't it freaking adorable?

$77.98 total. Plus, I had a $10 reward saved up, so $67.98 total. Then, free shipping, $5.44 tax, so total $73.42!!! Would have been total $164.44 without the sale or coupon, so I saved $86.46, AND I used - so I also will get 2% back a dollar or 2 in rebate noney! Hey - I got 2 nice sweaters for less than $40 each! SCORE!

And, that is how you end a crazy week - Fashionista style! 
And - Just in time for Fall rolling around the corner!

Hope you like my haul - and let me know if you snag anything at the sale!


WIAW #5: Zevia Review and Giveaway!

I received some Zevia to review a while back and, as you can see - Boots was really excited about it. She was licking her lips! Yummy!! I got 6 flavors to try and was super excited about it! I am trying to stay away from as many artificial sugars as I can, but sometimes you just want a carbonated beverage with a little flavor. This is why Zevia is so perfect! And, they even have sodas with caffeine that you can replace your daily diet coke with!

I am sharing this as my What I Ate Wednesday blog link up - thank you so much miss Peas & Crayons!

Here is some info I got from the Zevia website:

Zevia was founded in 2007 in Seattle when a dream to create a Stevia sweetened soda became a reality with 3 great flavors. Since then they have 15 flavors and counting, and are located in So Cal! The founder, Paddy Spence, even said he used to be addicted to real soda with sugar in it!

He says that 27% of adults in the US are obese - and 17% of kids 2-19 years old are obese. 25 million Americans have diabetes, and 79 million are pre-diabetic. He was right when he said that sugar is killing us. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite sweet soda treat, without the guilt and the calories. 
Here are the general nutrition facts for Zevia -

You can buy Zevia at, here, even here! You can also find it at a lot of your local grocery stores. I wish some around me carried it! I think I have seen it at Sprouts.

The flavors I tried and my review of each are below:

1. Ginger Root Beer: This was pretty good! I don't usually like ginger very much, but I liked the taste of this one. Zevia also recommends drinking these drinks ice cold - and I agree, they taste so good really cold, as this one did.

2. Ginger Ale - I actually do really like Ginger Ale, and would probably buy this one again 1st, just because when I feel a little nauseous I like to drink Diet Ginger Ale - but the sweeteners hurt my stomach! 

3. Strawberry - I was expecting this to be pink, but it was clear! I put it on ice with some real strawberries and it was delicious!!! A little sweet, but not too much!

4. Cherry Cola - I forgot to take a picture of this one, but it was decent! It actually has caffeine in it too, if you still want a kick from your natural soda!

5. Grapefruit Citrus - This one was different, not my fav, but I didn't dislike any of them. 

6. Caffeine Free Cola - I preferred the cherry cola over this one - it is a little sweeter than this one! But, if you want cola and no kick - this is perfect!

Other flavors I would love to try are: Lemon Lime Twist, Dr. Zevia, Black Cherry, and Orange! They even have Mountain Zevia if you love the taste of Mountain Dew! Orange and Lemon Lime just sound so good to me!

You can find a coupon for Zevia here and some fun recipe ideas here!

And, you can enter to win some Zevia samples of your own here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you tried Zevia before?
What is your favorite flavor!

Good luck and have a great day!

A Fit Fashionista 


Tory Burch Fashionista Deal of the Day!

Woke up this morning and snagged a fabulous deal that I wanted to share!

Do you love as much as I do? They are having a "pre-fall" sale today on the website - 30-40% off!

Retail $50, I got these cute flip flops (or in Hawaii - you might call them "slippers"!) to send me off for the end of summer for $35. With tax & shipping I paid $42.12!

My other ones I got at the TB outlet were $49, so I consider this a good score! They are the TB Flip Flop, in Veridian Green - Captiva A. AND - I will get 3.5% cash back from shopping through Ebates! Hey, a couple bucks back always helps!

I have dark blue and white ones, so I thought these would be another fun color to have. And, then I don't have to wear my others ones so sparingly, for fear they will get worn out - lol.

Perfect for chilling at the beach, putting on after the gym, or just walking around town in!

Let me know if you snag anything from the sale! 


MIMM #10: Caffeine love and a Lululemon warehouse sale!

Thank you Katie for another MIMM (Marvelous In My Monday) blog link up. 
This is my 10th one, and it is definitely a marvelous Monday

Marvelous is.. caffeine. That sounds really bad, but I do love my 1 big travel mug of coffee in the morning, and then something like an iced tea in the late afternoon to pick me up. 

Lately I have been on an iced green tea kick! So refreshing and cold and delicious with a Truvia for some sweetness! And how cute is the little fall coffee band from Starbucks!? I am not ready for fall yet - we got 1 more week people! But I do love all things pumpkin, as I am sure many of my readers do. You can find a lot of their fall drinks on - I love a pumpkin spice latte as much as the next girl, but I am trying to eat and drink super clean lately!! 

And, marvelous is this killer deal I got at Target! I don't know if you can get it on, but in the store, every 2 bags of Dunkin' Donuts coffee you buy, you get a free mug! AND the coffee was on sale for under $7 a bag. This is great because sometimes they can cost up to $10 and $11, which is ridiculous, and we probably go through a bag a week! We both love the French Vanilla, like I said.. me with the pumpkin... it is so good! And, Apple Pie sounds like a really weird coffee flavor, but I will try it! I probably should have bought 4-8 more bags and stocked up! Then I would have 6 random coffee mugs I don't need too. They would be cute to put fall gifts or treats in though. 

Marvelous is.. a MUCH needed Friday night date night with my man! We have both been working so hard at work and in the gym and I was extremely tired from my work week on Friday. So, we went down the street in town for some steak dinner! I had filet mignon, 1 glass of red wine, double veggies no starch, and a plain salad with oil & vinegar! My shirt and shoes are from (marvelous is Target! lol), my jeans are, my bracelet is, and my bag is my Totally Louis Vuitton!

And, the most marvelous marvelous was my crazy Saturday with my mom! We found out about a warehouse sale in LA and I was DYING to go. A LULULEMON WAREHOUSE SALE? THE ULTIMATE IN Fit Fashionista adventures, right?

I was checking Instagram and Twitter all Friday afternoon and Saturday morning - some people drove from SF to LA, and some people waited from 3-5 hours to GET IN! I can't stand in line that long.. it takes an hour for me to drive to my mom's condo, then an hour to LA for her to drive from there.. so I got my workout done and some errands in the morning, and headed over to see her! We grabbed lunch at Boudins (I got a BBQ chicken salad with all the unhealthy stuff on the side, and mom got a tomato soup and had some of my salad).. and we were off!!

In traffic took us a little over an hour, and we found the $15 parking at the convention center. I can only imagine how crazy it must have been in the mornings when people camped out at 3am to get in at 8am! Twitter was showing 1 hour wait times to get in, so we were hoping for the best. Followed the signs, and got in line! The guy said 45 minutes, but we ended up waiting over an hour, so about 75 minutes. A USC game had just ended, and a lot of fans were showing up post-game. The prices were somewhere around 40-60% off, and for any of you lulu lovers out there, you know that this stuff hardly ever goes on sale and there are no outlets anywhere!

We shopped for 2 hours inside, scaling racks, sifting through our stuff, searching for something we loved in our size.. women were changing out in the open if they didn't want to wait in line for the dressing room, and people had bags on bags of stuff! Limit was 25 items a person, but I think some people went to multiple checkout lines for sure. And, a lot of cute stuff I had seen posted on IG from Friday was already gone - like some cute gym bags, yoga mats, and wunder unders. Here is our pic collage from our adventure.

As you can see we were pretty happy with our finds! (Both of our shirts are from - if you were wondering!) And how cute is my mom's bag that my dad got her for her birthday?

No traffic getting back to mom's place, and met my dad at Sharky's for a healthy dinner to re-fuel. They had chicken power plates, and I got a big super food salad (with quinoa, avocado, chia seeds, spinach, etc.) and added shrimp. I cleaned the plate.

Got home late, but woke up on Sunday to sift through my stuff. Here is what I ended up with! For under $500! 5 pairs of crops, 3 headbands, 2 bras, 1 skirt, 5 tanks, 1 tee, 2 jackets, and 1 puffy vest!
I had a really hard time with the puffy vest. I put it back about 3x, but had to buy it. I know I live in So Cal, and I have to figure out how to wear it or where, but it is freaking cute and the hood is adorable! My favorite things I got are the striped wunderunders (I usually wear a 6, but these are a 10, so they are comfy - that was the only size they had for me so I had to get them), the orange crops because they are tight on the calf (the others are all loose), the coral jacket, and the lime tee! The lime tee was the only tee i even saw there - it just sort of popped up when I was looking through stuff. I got a couple of other things like a wrong size tank and a t-shirt I don't like, so I am going to give those to friends as gifts or sell them.

If I lived closer to LA, I would have probably gone back on Sunday to Christmas shop. The little baby blue and pink tanks and sports bras ended up being on sale for $9! I am so obsessed, it is ridiculous, but it was a fun experience, we got some great deals, and I mean, the jackets retail for $150+, and pants are at least $60+ usually, right - so we did good! Mom got 3 pairs of crops, 3 tees, and 2 jackets!!

So, I had a great weekend, and am lucky and blessed to be healthy and happy and busy and having fun. On Sunday, I did laundry, prepped our meals for the week, James cleaned his garage, I took a 20 min power nap, did some cardio, and went to bed by 10:30pm. I couldn't get up this morning to work out before work, but I will get it done today - along with going to get some car quotes for a scratch I have on my car!! Full work week ahead, and some "fun" side work on Saturday, which I will tell you all about soon! 

Hope you have some Marvelous in your Monday - and a great week! 

Tell me about your weekend, and what Lululemon swag you love! 

A Fit Fashionista


CND VINYLUX Nail Polish Review

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!

I have been wanting to do this CND VINYLUX nail polish review for some time now - so here you go! This is a non-sponsored post. I did not receive anything for free - I actually heard that you couldn't buy this polish unless you were a salon, but I bought mine on and I think you can find some on - maybe other places by now, but I bought my 1st ones a couple of months ago after a blog and Instagram friend recommended it to me.

Nail Polish does NOT EVER stay on my nails. I must have a moisturized or oily nail bed, because I can't keep a regular polish manicure on my hands for 1 day to save my life.

ACRYLICS - I have done the acrylics thing and I actually got fungus (ew, i know) under one after taking a bath last time I decided to re-live my high school days and try french tips again. I loved the strength and length and perfection of them - but that  experience was gross and terrifying. Never again, unless I buy some from that last a couple days and take them off myself!

SHELLAC/ GEL - I was elated when this trend started. I actually went to the salon quite a few times to get gel nails done. I love how they are shiny and last so much longer than a manicure. They didn't last too long on a beach vacation, but I usually got a good week out of them til they started to peel off. The thing I hated most was sitting at the salon with foil on my fingers to remove it (before that, they actually were scraping it off my nail and sanding it down, and it was very painful!) -- and the whole process of getting them on and taking them off just took forever only to have nice short nails for a week. I even purchased the SensatioNail Gel Nail Kit by Nalene, with a few colors from or, I cannot remember which one. I liked being able to do it at home, but it did peel a little faster, and 1 nail touch ups as they chipped were a little time consuming, because you don't want to do the whole process every few days to touch up the entire mani.

CND VINYLUX - welcome to my life! Like I said, I bought mine on, and I just looked - they do have them on - some examples HERE - of the ones I bought.

Tropix #154: Pinkish Orange - "Tropical" color

Cake Pop #135: Baby Pink color 

7/15 Monday - I tried out the Tropix. You do 2 light coats of the base color, and then a coat of the top coat. I actually just purchased a 2nd top coat to have for back up since you use that the most and might need to touch up the top coat. I really want to try some other colors too, but I can't decide which ones! Maybe a white color and a dark color for fall!?

Here was my 1st try -

I chipped 3 that Tuesday (the next day) - they started to peel off where the cuticle was. FEAR NOT - I learned not to go over your cuticle, obviously because it will peel off from there once it comes off your skin. So, on 7/15 I re-polished those. This product dries fast, and the top coat is thick and kind of gooey. Dries fast ladies!! Love that! 

So, several days later on Sun 7/20, the nail polish was still on but the edges were wearing off on top and all around the bottoms a little. 

Tried it with my 1st bath.. 1 finger's polish peeled all the way off, so I painted it again.. And tested just reapplying the top coat to the other fingers on the left hand. Not bad. 7/22 still on the right hand for 1 week but tops were chipping - so I removed all of the polish to get ready for a trip.. Removes sooo easily! Easier than regular polish even, and you just use regular nail polish remover and cotton. Nothing like gel removal, so that was a relief!

For the trip, I tried the light pink color - it was a lot more watery at 1st so just make sure you shake the polish good before using it. I know, I am not the neatest nail person, but the color was really cute! And, after you wash your hand or shower a couple of times, it usually cleans up your mistakes quite well. ;)

The color bubbled up some because it was watery but ended up looking nice. Jamaica test! They held up ok in Jamaica on my vacation, but I wasn't in the water a ton. I brought the bottle and touched it up as necessary on the trip so I could look put together. 

All in all, this a new product that I really like and am excited about. I even used an orange Essie color and put the top coat on from Vinylux, and that seemed to stay put better than normal Essie and Essie Top Coat!

Have you tried Vinylux? 
What nail polish colors do you think are hot for fall coming up?

Let me know! Have a great weekend fit fashionistas!

A Fit Fashionista


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