GretchCannon: MIMM #9: Glamping & Summer Luv.


MIMM #9: Glamping & Summer Luv.

Happy Monday & Happy September! 

I have been so busy with life, so it is nice to take a few moments to share with you some recent fun times we have been having with our new hobby - camping! Thank you Katie for the Marvelous in My Monday link up!

James recently purchased a used camper for us to start enjoying, and we have taken a couple of fun trips lately that I wanted to share! Shortly after our 1st camping trip, James went with a buddy and took the dirtbikes out. He soon realized that he wanted me to have something to do when he is on his toys, so he drove to Arizona one day and got us a used Polaris RZR! He says it is my toy, but I think it is really for him. LOL. It is really fun, and I feel safe in my helmet and all fastened in. I am not usually a girl who likes to get too dirty, but it is fun to let loose sometimes, not worry about thinks and have a good time!

Last weekend, we went to Stoddard Wells Off-Highway Vehicle Area in the Barstow area with James's Dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew. Dad has his own cute Airstream Bambi, and his brother's family stayed in our camper. We made some delicious grilled chicken and veggies and I packed all of my other meals, so it was easy to stay on track! The RZR is the most fun for me going slow 4x4 up really steep hills! Most fun for the boys is going crazy all around, lol. James has to behave when I am the passenger though! Loved spending time with Nephew Cade and the whole fam bam. My flag shirt is from and James got my pink helmet from a motocross store!

Then, this past weekend- we packed up again and headed out to Needles, CA for some river and more GLAMPING fun with friends! It was one of my bestie's birthday weekends, and we had so much fun at Topack and Pirate's Cove RV Resort! 

Here is James and I on the back of my friend's sister's boat, cruising through the canyons. So pretty. I am inside so much, so it was nice to keep summer going and enjoy the outdoors! My tank is from and I think James's is RVCA from! James always mans his boat when we go to the river, so it was nice to see him sit back and relax and smile on the boat this time!

Here are some birthday photos of Kimmee!! I went to high school with her, so I have known her for almost 20 years and have been BFFs for about 12 years! Love her!

Sister sandwich! Speaking of sandwiches, I packed all of my food again, and we cooked healthy dinners, so I totally stayed on point with my diet! I had a baby sip of Cinnamon Whisky (shh!) since I had never tried it. Totally does taste like a fireball candy! We rode the RZR in the hills, layed out, listened to music, went wakeboarding, cooked, played some games, and had a wonderful weekend of fun! My bikini is from or, I can't remember which! 

Some amazing sunsets and sunrises to see when camping in the desert by the lake!

Here is our set up from the boat - we had the site all to ourselves, perfect for the camper, our truck, the RZR, and the beaches on the side to dock the boat! Adult playground for sure!

And here is my favorite favorite pic of me and Kimmee from the weekend. Love <3 

Have a great week and a great September! I for one, am not ready for Fall! I am still enjoying my summer! 

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  1. Looks like SO much fun!! My boyfriend has a RZR that we love to take offroading too. Cute suit!! :)

  2. Cinnamon whisky wowow love that I bet it was amazing! I have a feeling summer will last until halloween so live it up ;) screw fall! Lots of love courtstar

    1. haha screw fall!! love it!! thanks girl - i work inside all day, and summer is my fav so it can never last long enough for me!!! and it goes by so fast!

  3. Wow! Your glamping trip looks like SO much fun! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

    1. Aw thanks - soo much fun!! I am in Cali too! ;)


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