GretchCannon: Adventures in Couponing!


Adventures in Couponing!

Happy MIMM!

As I am on disability and trying to get in the habit of blogging and doing hobbies again, my mom and I decided to try our luck in COUPONING a little bit this week! We had some busts and successes - I am excited to learn more.

Here are the goods that we got deals on:

Dollar Tree: Saved $2.50 - (got 2 freebies)! With tax, saved 57%
So, I read on so many blogs about couponing that you can get a lot of freebies on brand name items at the Dollar Tree, because so many products offer $1 off coupons.. and I got excited! Turns out that when we went to our local store, there weren't too many of these products available to us. At least we saved $2 - got 2 free items = the trident gum and the toothpaste! Better than nothing.

Walmart: Saved $9.75 - 29.78% savings Had  coupons for the scrubbin bubbles, starbucks drink, dawn dish soap, baby wipes, peanuts, juicy fruit, magazine, nut butter sample, and foundation. I also used Walmart's savings catcher app, which will be giving us a little over $4 back.

    I also bought these 3 cute black & white accordian folders below from Dollar Tree to organize some of my coupons in from now on. And I got the binder & baseball card clear sleeves from Walmart. I don't want to spend a lot of money on organizing, because I feel like that defeats the purpose until I have saved a lot of money couponing 1st!

    I spent Friday night organizing, so I tried another trip with my Mom on Saturday to Target. Here is what we got - 2 boxes of tampons, 3 bottles of detergent, 1 bag of dish pods, 1 container of cleaning wipes, egg beaters and 3 axe deodarant bonus packs.

    Target = $52.59 worth of product for $4.09!!! We used printed, newspaper, and target coupons, plus we got gift cards back, a rebate on the dish pods, and the target 5% off with red card. 92% savings!! Now that was fun!

    Do you coupon?
    Do you have any tips for this newcomer? 

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