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Chemo Care Package

My mom and I put together a Chemo Care Package last week to send to my Aunt Bobbie Sue. I love her so much and I know how terrible chemo is 1st hand, so I thought it would just make her feel loved and to know we are constantly thinking of her. I did a lot of searching for ideas, so I just wanted to post mine here so anyone else can get ideas for their own gift. 

We got everything inside the box at Target, and the Hat Box at Michaels

Contents = 
  • "Thinking of You" Greeting Card
  • Cozy soft gloves, beanie and scarf - to keep her warm at home or at treatment 
  • Straws to make it easier to drink liquids lying down, and tissues for her purse or bag 
  • Jesus Calling Devotional book 
  • Hand Sanitizer (I went through tons of this) 
  • Eos lip balm and lotion for dry skin and chapped lips, 
  • Hard candies, butterscotch, tic tacs, salty cashews and dark chocolate for snacking and chemical mouth taste
  • Queasy Drops for nausea - these and Nauzene really helped me 
I know it is the least we can do, but I hope it will help her feel some comfort in this terrible time. She is an amazing woman, and deserves to have as little pain and emotional trauma as possible. Please keep her in our prayers. Thank you. 

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