GretchCannon: Nike Women - Pop Sugar Must Have Gift Card Redeemed Today!


Nike Women - Pop Sugar Must Have Gift Card Redeemed Today!

Deal Alert! I redeemed my Nike Women gift card today, that I received in my Pop Sugar Must Have Box from September that I posted about yesterday. As I mentioned, I don't usually use these because you end up paying more than you would have normally if you didn't have the gift card or code. But, this said no minimum purchase amount, so I had to check it out.

I don't need shoes and pants are too expensive, so I got this red workout shirt!
Breakdown = $30 shirt on clearance price of $19.97. After shipping & handling for $15 2-day shipping + 1.60 tax = $36.57. Then I used my $20 promo code from Pop Sugar, for $16.57. Then, they also included a code for the 2-day shipping free.. so, subtract another $15 and my total was $1.57 -- less than $2!!! Check out the shirt and breakdown below. It is Laser Crimson color.

What do you think? I love a great deal!

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