GretchCannon: Short short hair!


Short short hair!

I chopped 5 inches off of my hair last weekend! After almost a year of turmoil and 3 months of chemo - my hair is very thin and different and just before I was going to my stylist to get my roots touched up, I started cruising Pinterest and looking at hair color I liked. I have always loved that beachy wavy look with browns blondes ombres and bayalage coloring. I noticed that everything I was pinning had something in common - the cuts were all pretty short! So, when I got to the salon, I asked my stylist what she thought, and before I knew it - my hair was 5" shorter! I felt so free!

I couldnt even look in the mirror until she was done! But I was happy when I did! Here is a side shot my stylist took: 

Here is another photo that I liked:

Here is the day afterwards, trying to curl it myself:

x: Shirt Forever 21 | Necklace Nordstrom

Then the day after that, when my mom and I went to watch a taping of The Voice!..:

x: Shirt Nordstrom | Necklace Pop Sugar | Lipstick Mac Diva  

I am excited to try new things with it! My ponytail is shorter, but I think my head will be held higher! It is the new Gretch! 

Have you ever chopped your locks off in a whim?
Do you have any suggestions for styling short hair?

Love you! 

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