GretchCannon: Pop Sugar Must Have Box October - Review & Coupon


Pop Sugar Must Have Box October - Review & Coupon

Here is the Pop Sugar Must Have Box for October! I think there was an issue with everyone's shipping this month, so I got mine really late last week. If you don't already know, the box is $39.95 a month, but worth SO much more, because companies are getting their products out there for use and word of mouth. Coupon code for $5 off your 1st box: REFER5

Here are the items that were included, their retail price, and my short review: 
  • Clear Magnetic Acrylic Frame $20-30 - The box this came in was super cute, but the item not super exciting to me? It would be a nice gift and was really heavy. I would never pay this much for a picture frame, but it is nice to have, and I put up a picture of my friends and I in it and am using it on my dresser. 
  • Soy Chalkboard Candle $24 - This smells great and you can write on the outside. I love it, but I have a billion candles, and I thought it would be a perfect gift, so I am going to save it for Christmas. 
  • Butter London Eye Pencil - $18 - This is something I would normally buy, because it is a grayish color - but I tried it, and it is soft and a little glittery. So far, I really actually like Julep and Butter eyeliners, even though I think they are both known more for nail polish.
  • Happy Socks on sale for $8.50 - These would be a cute stocking gift, but I don't have a lot of socks for when I stay at my Mom's, so I kept these for boot weather for myself :) They seem like a good quality and are cute too!
  • Nail Kit $8 - Cute for Halloween! I did put a couple of these on super quick before I went out yesterday, and I didn't realize that you had to cut them more than they did. I tried to use the pumpkin and the spider web, because I figured that the other colored ones could be used any time of year. You press them down and put water to the back then they kind of form to your nail. Pretty cool! 
  • Dean & Deluca Pumpkin Maltballs. I love all things pumpkin, but these were not very chocolatey or pumpkin-y and for the famous name, I would have wanted them to be better. 
  • Fancy Soap $10 - This soap smells amazing, but I am not a bar soap girl.. so I am saving it for a gift basket or guest room addition. 
  • A bunch of coupons for online stores - I usually don't get much use from these. :/
All in all, the box was so-so to me. I would have liked another fashion item besides socks - like jewelry or a scarf or headband or something.. I think there is usually 1 bigger item and this one just had a lot of medium items I felt like. Will be looking forward to November! Hope you enjoyed the review!

Did you get the October Must Have box? What did you think? 
Do you have any other monthly boxes you would recommend? 

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