GretchCannon: Pumpkin everything, short hair, nekter, sunset and couponing!


Pumpkin everything, short hair, nekter, sunset and couponing!

Just a quick blog post about pumpkin everything, short hair, nekter, sunset and couponing!

Tried the Pumpkin O's cereal from Trader Joes one day for breakfast, mixed with pumpkin Chobani yogurt, pumpkin spice whipped peanut butter from Target, blueberries, and coffee with sugar free pumpkin spice creamer! ALL the pumpkin things!!

Here is another pic of my short short hair cut! It is a little different and hard to style, but I am getting the hang of it, I think! My shirt is from Lucky Brand jeans, watch is Kors and I can't remember if the necklace is Forever 21 or Target. Jeans are Seven 7FAM. Ooh, and I love my new Otter Box for my iPhone 6! I have dropped and broken 2 phones already, so this is a must have.

I went to Nekter one day after an appointment, and I got a bowl - it was so good! There was a shaker at the cashier, so I dashed a few dashes on my bowl, thinking it was cinnamon. Nope it was Cayenne. Ew, a little spicy with my sweet! I felt stupid and I was in a hurry, so I didn't tell them, I just ate it. What a nerd. My purse is Louis Vuitton.

I have been witnessing some beautiful Godsent SoCal sunsets lately, and I just have to take pictures of every single one!

Here is some more fabulous couponing I have been doing! I got the stuff below at Ralphs and CVS - $56 worth of stuff for only $9! Make sure you sign up for those rewards programs guys!

Hope you enjoyed my little update! 
What have you been up to and what do you have planned for November?

A Fit Fashionista 

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