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Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

I got this cool Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer to try today and it was quick and easy to use right away, so I wanted to review it here on the blog for you ASAP. I have been down and not well again but when I can, I like to get back on the blog to try to do something normal and fun. Trying to stay as positive as possible.

Box came like this: 

You simply remove the cap, press power, position between your eyebrows and hold on your forehead or up to 2" away from it. A yellow light shows where you are aiming, you press the temp button (device requires and came with 2 AA batteries), and read the temp. 

It was super easy to figure out. I like that it was fool proof to set up and use and came with batteries. It is better than putting something in your mouth or armpit to get your temp, and it can be used easily on someone you are taking care of. I tested it against a normal under the tongue thermometer, and this one came up a little high each time. Not sure which is more accurate. Also, when I used it 2" from the head it ran a higher temp - seemed more accurate placed ON the head. Also, I did an average of 3 times - because it was different each time  - 98.8, 98.9, and 99 were my readouts. I tried it on my Mom, getting 98.0, 98.3, and 98.4. 

It is sold on Amazon for about $50: LINK HERE - and about the same price at Walgreens HERE and some other online drugstores. Make sure to check EBATES to see if you can get a good cash rebate back - some of the stores offer 5-10% cash back.

Note: I was given this product sample for being a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation nor do I receive additional benefits to receive the sample or talk about this company. Thanks Klout!

Have you tried this or would you consider purchasing one? 


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