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New Chandelier and Wall Sconces

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We recently did some updates to the front of our house and we had always wanted to replace our french looking chandelier with something a little more grand and suitable to the more rustic decor we are trying to incorporate into our home. We got lucky a few weeks ago and saw this amazing chandelier from Restoration Hardware was on sale! So, I wanted to post the link and show you some photos. I am obsessed!! I see that these items are no longer on sale today, but hopefully the price will drop again. There are tons of other fabulous lighting fixtures on the website. If you do find something great for sale in the next couple of days, all sale items are an extra 20% through tomorrow if you enter code SALE20 at checkout. 

We chose the iron 72" Camino Vintage Candelabra Two-Tier Chandelier - it was originally $3295 and we got it on sale for $2310! It comes with the 66 light bulbs that you choose. 

Description taken from the website: "Rustic in style, simple in form and grandly sized, our hand-forged chandelier designed by industrial blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte makes an elegant statement. Drawing inspiration from early 20th century industrial fixtures, it's built of stout angle iron."

We also got these Rutherford Sconces for along the wall of the rotundra entryway. I love them too! We got the large Weathered Zinc color for $169 each. We needed 7 of them. They are originally and possibly currently priced at $239 each. The bulb and housing makes for a dimmer yellow light, but I love the rustic look and lantern style of the fixtures. They match the chandelier perfectly too.

James installed the Belkin WeMo Light Switch for us as well (he installed everything himself!!!), so that we can turn the chandelier on and off with our iPhone/ WeMo app! You can put a timer on the light from the app too. It is usually $49.99 at, on sale right now for $40.99 each. Don't forget to also use Ebates to get 2% back if you make a purchase. It is also listed on right now for $40.99! James got it in-store for $49.99, so we will be returning for our $10 price matching. 


Here are a bunch of photos I took of the new and old lighting in our entryway of our home. I hope you enjoy! The chandelier fits perfectly!

Here are the former chandelier & wall lights that we had in our home since we purchased in 2010. They are a beautiful french style:

And here are all of the new lights! I love the difference these changes can make on the style of the home!

Have a wonderful week and let me know if you end up purchasing any of these items, or any thoughts or ideas you have for us! 



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