GretchCannon: #NSale - Anniversary Sale Favorites!


#NSale - Anniversary Sale Favorites!

Happy Early Access Nordstrom/ Anniversary Sale - First Day!

So, I spent all morning and some of last night (till 2am) working on this post, and my computer and/or Blogger somehow failed me. I switched to my desktop from my laptop this morning and the entire post was gone! So, for time and sanity's sake, I have put everything on a Pinterest board for you of my top picks and awesome deals! I will keep this updated as I find new things during the sale.

Click: My #nsale Pinterest Board - Preview screenshots are posted all over this page!

My TOP 5 tips for the sale:

1. Search for things that will sell out fast - this includes items like over the knee boots that are really good deals for fall, designer handbags like Tory Burch, makeup gift sets, and cute jackets. These are all some of the pricier items usually too, but during the sale, can have the deepest discounts. Wait on some of the things that you can buy later. Early access lasts till July 21st, and the actual sale is July 22 to August 7. This might include bedding, candles, gifts, t shirts, etc.

2. If you don't have a Nordstrom Visa credit card, apply for one today! Or - you can alternatively get a Nordstrom debit card, and earn points super easy as well, without racking up debt and interest that you can with a credit card. It just uses money from your checking account.

3. Use the True Fit Size feature on the website to see what size Nordstrom recommends for you. But don't worry, Nordstrom is KING for returns, so you get free returns, free shipping, etc. on anything you don't like or that does not fit you.

4. Don't forget to shop through Ebates - they are offering 6% back today!

5. If you do have a Nordstrom card, make sure you use your TRIPLE points day today, if you have not used it already! You get to use it for 24 hours, and you earn Nordstrom bucks based on your spending.

Please let me know what you find and what you get! 
I love this sale, and I hope you had as much fun as I did today!


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