GretchCannon: Poise Liners from Walmart will change your life!


Poise Liners from Walmart will change your life!

Today, I want to talk about something that you think might be a little bit taboo for you! 
I hope you will change your mind when you read this and be relieved to find out that you 
are not alone... READ ON!

Big holidays are coming up for a lot of us in the U.S. - Halloween, Thanksgiving, 
Christmas, and New Year's Eve! If you are like me, you are already starting to feel the 
urgency of running around trying to find the right decorations, party hors d'oeuvres and 
favors, or the right gift for the occasion. All of the stores are filled with other women and 
children just doing the same thing as you!
I recently learned about something that has helped me cross one more thing off of my list 
while I am out getting these tasks done, and I can pick it up right at Walmart, when I get my 
other groceries and holiday supplies. How is that for convenience? I can get everything at 
my neighborhood Walmart, and I love that I don't also have to stop at a drugstore to get my 
feminine and beauty supplies. This one-stop shopping trip definitely makes the holidays 
worry-free for me when it comes to LBL. LBL stands for "light bladder leakage", and you 
may not have known that you have it! I have read that around 1 out of every 3, or around 
45% of women in the U.S. experience this! I think every single mother I have met has 
probably experienced this at some point - especially when some of my friends have 
given birth to up to 5 kids!
I am 36, I still get my period and use proper protection for that, but when I it is not that time
of the month and I play with my family or friends' children, we do crazy things that I would 
not normally do on a daily basis, like jump on trampolines, run around and chase each 
other, I pick the kids up, swing them around like any good "Auntie" would, and we play 
games like jump rope and basketball. These are memories I do not want to give up because 
I drink a TON of water and I like to live in the moment and enjoy my life! Who doesn't!? 
But, sometimes when you start getting into your 30s like me, or you enter motherhood, you 
experience light bladder leakage! You might sneeze or be working out, or haven't you ever 
laughed so hard that you "peed a little"? HAHA - Got you! See, it happens! 

I don't have any kids, but I have an autoimmune disease, this affects people like me, 
people with chronic illnesses, or even people who get frequent bladder infections or just 
have problems with "always having to go"! LBL can be caused by weight gain, hormonal
changes, and more. So, if you are not on your period, or if you don't even get your period 
anymore, what do you do?  What do you wear to protect you? Thank goodness Poise 
already thought of all of this for us! 
I feel like Poise has really made it easy to figure out what to buy, depending on how 
much protection you need. I choose the #1 Lightest Absorbency, but you can buy these 
all the way up to a level 6 protection. I like the long length and that I get 50 in a box. 
I don't wear them every day, but you could, and it would be super discreet and affordable. 
You can carry one in your back pocket, wear one for protection for the day, or throw a few 
in your purse like I do for occasions like the gym, a party, a family get together, etc!  
These liners absorb up to 3x  more than a thin menstrual pad or liner would, and they 
protect against any leak through you might have, because LBL = more liquid than your 
regular period, right!?  And the best thing is that you don't have to wear a bulky pad at all! 
I really want to raise awareness about this and help you transition from using a feminine 
care product to a discreet bladder leakage protection product like Poise Microliners that 
are madeespecially with LBL in mind. This is part of life, and should not be a scary subject 
for us ladies to talk about! Make sure you add these to your Walmart shopping list, and you 
can even find coupons online or in the paper to get a discount on your purchase! 
Let me know if you have experience with LBL. 
I would love to hear other women's stories! 
#PoiseLinerLove @Walmart

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on 

behalf of Poise at Walmart. All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I love this post. Thanks so much for sharing. Believe it or not I still have my monthly cycles at 55 so I can really use these. Thank you @catherinegraceo

    1. That is so interesting and good to know! I hope you try and love them! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Very informative, thanks for the info. I will definitely be looking for these at Walmart.

    1. Debbie - you are so welcome, I am glad I could help and thanks for reading my blog!

  3. I am the QUEEN of peeing a little! It's actually a running joke with my friends & family - if anyone says anything too funny, Brandi will pee a little. ;) Thanks for the tips, Gretch!

    1. Oh my gosh Brandi - that is hilarious! You are so welcome, thanks for reading!

  4. Being a mother of two and in my 30's, I totally can relate to this!!! I guess I didn't even know there was something like this out there! Definitely going to check this out on my next Walmart trip! (I love the cute bag you keep them in, too!)

    1. Megan King - thanks for the comment love! These sound like they would be awesome for you! And my little bag was an old Mac Cosmetics holiday cosmetics pouch!

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing. The packaging is so cute too.

    1. I know, the packaging is super cute, right!? I love that it is not plastic, it is more woven. Thanks for reading!

  6. Awesome post. So much information. Will have to check these out at Walmart on my next shopping trip

    1. I hope you love them - thanks for leaving a comment!

  7. This is a fantastic post. It may seem so simple (maybe even a little silly) but we shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about the little things like this in life. A simple solution eliminates the worry and social anxiety. Well done, keep up the good work! #trending #SistersInSlay

    1. SISTERS IN SLAY, I LOVE THAT! Thanks for your comment girl - we def should not be embarrassed to talk about this!


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