GretchCannon: Holiday Gift Guide For Her - Cozy!


Holiday Gift Guide For Her - Cozy!

I love putting together gift guides this time of year! It helps me shop and I hope it helps you shop!
I think you all might like this one - the theme I created was for the special chicka in your life - bestie, girlfriend, Mom, sister, daughter, etc... anyone who loves all things COZY!!

Click on the shoppable images below and let me know what you end up getting!
I can TOTALLY keep a secret!

I feel like I want ALL of these for myself as well.  RIGHT?!

The soft blanket with the pom pom balls on it and the flannel shoes might be my favorite picks right now! The PJs are so cute and comfy, the candles are a great deal, the socks are adorable, the cookie decor and mug are so fun. Yep. I'll take it all. 

Stay tuned for more gift guides this holiday season! I can't wait!



  1. All of these are perfect for Christmas morning and beyond! I love lounging in pjs!

    1. Thanks girl!! I agree! I love when it gets a little cooler in SoCal and we get to bundle up some!


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