GretchCannon: Pink Adidas - Comfy Classic Cool


Pink Adidas - Comfy Classic Cool

I wore these classic Adidas Shoes in High School in the late 90s! It is so fun to see them back in style. I found my pink ones in the photo at a Nordstrom Rack store. I wasn't sure about them at 1st, but who could say no to that blush pastel pink shoe!? And it fits me so great. I tried to link the similar styles below. I have seen tons of options in little girls' sizes too. So, you are in luck for your daughter, niece, or yourself if you wear youth sizes in tennis shoes!

Let me know if you find these pink adidas anywhere else. I would love to let my readers know! I also am in LOVE with these comfy jeans and t-shirt. If I had to wear one outfit every day for the next week or month, this would hands down be IT. Everything is linked below! Click the right arrow to scroll through the thumbnails and shop! 

Open the full post HERE if you cannot see the preview or shoppable links in your email inbox!

I hope you enjoy your week and if you are in a time zone like I am - Daylight Savings Time ends! WHOOHOOO!!! 

Let me know if you have these shoes or anything similar! I would love to see new ways to style them for the spring and summer coming up. 



  1. I love this shoe and the color! Great find!!!

  2. I think those blush pink shoes are PERFECT for Spring. :)

    1. Thanks babe - so true! I cannot wait to try them with shorts now! Good idea!


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