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Wedding Guest Attire

I had the pleasure of returning to my home state of Georgia a couple of weekends ago to attend James's cousin Margaret's wedding in Atlanta! I had not attended a wedding since 2013, before I got sick! So, we were both excited to get dressed up and have a nice night together with his family. 

We went shopping separately, but we found what I thought were outfits that coordinated really nicely together. We have both have had a hard really few years together with my struggle, so it was really nice to feel confident and dress up as each other's dates. We were proud of ourselves and so happy to be able to celebrate with his family. 

Scroll through to see the photos and shop the looks at the end! And CONGRATULATIONS MAGGIE AND ALEX! 

My Outfit:
The 1st dress below is the exact one I wore, but mine was the navy. I included some other similar options for you guys, too! I would actually really love to own the white color too, if I had somewhere to wear it! The necklace I linked is exact, and I loved how it complimented everything! The dress was comfortable, flattering for my body shape, and perfect for weather that was a little on the cool side. This is my 1st purchase from this dress brand, and I was impressed! I would definitely purchase from them again. 

My Makeup:
It was my 1st time trying these Faux Mink lashes, and I think they really completed the look. They were super lightweight. I also really recommend this foundation for legit long lasting wear for any event. I know you can't see it, but I had to include my scent of the night, too! :)

James's Look:
James's blog debut - exciting, right? His wool Sport Coat is exact, the rest are all similar. He looked so handsome! I love that he opted for the pocket square in lieu of a tie!

We have another wedding to go to next weekend! 
What are you wearing this wedding season?



  1. Omg, that dress is on my wishlist! I even linked to it today on my blog! You look fabulous in it! Is the fit true to size? I'm thinking of getting it in an 8 petite :) please let me know!

    1. I got a size 10.. I usually wear an 8 I think! So crazy! I think it is meant to be for you!

  2. You both look AMAZING!!! :) Love the dress.

  3. Awww, you guys make a beautiful couple :) And I love that you were able to coordinate your outfits! That dress suits you perfectly. PS: That's my signature scent, too!

    Following you in from the Blog Loft and hope you have a great weekend!! XOXO


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