GretchCannon: Amazon Prime Shenanigans


Amazon Prime Shenanigans

Hi, my name is Gretchen and I bought some things from Amazon Prime this past week when I was trying and couldn't sleep late at night. 

Some were deals, and some were normal purchases. It felt like Christmas! LOL. Can't wait to hear about your Prime Day Shenanigans. I guess we should really call this Prime WEEK, right? Click the title of the items listed below or on each photo image to view or shop on Amazon! (FYI: Some, but not all items mentioned are in this photo below.)

  • $6 - Oprah Magazine Subscription: Apparently I decided that since I am not currently getting any actual magazines, this one would be a good soul + food + women's talk, etc. magazine to get in the mail. And, the price is really good! I will have to let you all know how I like it. Make sure you turn off the "auto renewal" feature under each magazine you subscribe to on Amazon, unless you know for sure you want to keep it for the next year too. 

  • $11 - Interlocking Drawer Bins: I plan on using these to organize either a couple of my smaller bathroom or desk drawers. I think that this is a great deal, because there are 8 pieces at different sizes that you can make work in your drawers for your stuff. 

  • $5 - Wireless Charging Pad: I have an iPhone 8 Plus now, and I am supposed to be able to wirelessly charge it by laying it on a charging pad.. but they don't provide you with one at purchase. Weird, so I wanted to try it out. And - GOLD, hello? Duh.

  • $22 - Bamboo Wood Charging Station: I have high hopes that this will help me organize my iPhone, iPads, and iWatch, maybe old iPods? on a nightstand or side table in my room. I have cords everywhere and don't know where to charge everything, so I am thinking this will be a good solution for me! 

  • $12 - Macrame: The Art of Creative Knotting Book & $10 Handmade Cord Rope: My friend Kimberly recommended this book and rope to me, and I love a new craft, so I decided to order myself a kit too! I already have a pretty macrame tapestry hanging in my room, but I thought placemats, planters, and some other things in the book looked like fun projects to try when I am feeling up to it! 
  • $11 -  Rug + $19 -  Rug: The smaller rug is for the side of my bed so I don't get any dirt from the floor (AKA traveling cat litter) in my bed when I climb in! The larger size is for right outside my bedroom door. These are the grey/blue color, but there are other color options available too. I think they are beautiful and SUCH a great price! Non-skid too. 

  • $23 -  Cloth Storage Bins (6): Less than $4 each when you do the math, these collapsable bins are a steal! I got them to go under my bed, since I don't have much storage and the color blends well with the floor and my furniture if the comforter doesn't hang down low enough to completely conceal them. I really recommend and like these. Glad I purchased them. 

  • $20 - Fairywill Electric Toothbrush (Pink): I was cleaning the inside of my old Oral B Electric Toothbrush and the large part where you replace the head was so dirty I almost gagged! Ok, I did gag and it was super gross, so I went on Amazon ASAP and ordered this little guy. I actually think I paid more than this on Prime Day, but that is fine! It has a few different speeds, comes with 3 heads and you charge it with a USB cable. Super cute, travel friendly and works really good. 

  • $30 Label Maker: This label maker is bluetooth you guys! I downloaded the app on my iPhone, I just type the label I want to print and it prints at my desk, or wherever I have it plugged in. I am such a nerd, this is hands down my favorite Prime Day purchase. I highly recommend it! I also purchased some colorful tape options to go with it, because - why not!

  • $12 Anti-aging hand cream: This hand cream has retinol in it, SPF 20, and I am a sucker for a good beauty product with good reviews on Amazon, so that is what happened here! I don't really think my hands are aging too bad, and I have plenty else to worry about, but - preventative care doesn't hurt, right?! 

  • $10 Clear Lipstick Caps (12 pack): Less than $1 per cap, and you don't have to open and potentially smash all of your beloved MAC lipsticks to see what color you are grabbing. Boom - I think this is a genius idea and I already love it. 

  • $17 Jade Roller for Face: These are super trendy in the anti-aging skincare market right now, so I wanted to try one for myself. Someone recommended this particular one to me, and it came in a nice box. I am super excited to try it for puffiness, to boost collagen production, and just as a treat for my skin! 

  • $6 Tinkle Razors (9): I use these to shave my face! This was a good deal for less than a dollar per razor. For me, they get dull quickly, so I only use them a couple of times before trashing them. Helps your makeup go on smoothly, and no you won't grow back a big man beard if you shave your face. LOL

  • $50 Wireless Earbuds: I actually bought these right before Prime Day, so I probably missed a great deal, but I love them! They had good reviews and rightfully so. You can charge them on-the-go as long as the actual case is charged. They are bluetooth, so you can use them anywhere, and they are super comfy in my ears. I am not a big fan of Apple's earbuds, these are more comfortable to me. 

  • $30 External Battery: I will use this for charging my iPhone when I am not at home. It is smaller than the Amazon brand one I used to use, so I am excited about that. It comes in a cool carrying case, and also is available in red. 

  • I bought several practical misc. storage and hanging devices, too. I am just going to list these out for you and link the text, since I bought several items and I don't think it would be really that exciting to show you photos of each one! LOL.. Ok, I actually do think they ARE exciting, but you may not. I could be wrong though! Misc.: 
  • $6 Bath Hook - I actually bought this to hang up another older Amazon purchase, (this $10 Pink Soft Silicone Body Brush is supposed to be more sanitary than an old loofah that hangs on to your dead skin cells!) EW!
  • $4 Clear Razor Holder - I wanted this for my shower so that the lotion stuff in the razor didn't make a mess where I set it down or get washed away by the shower. I ended up putting my toothbrush in it too. Works great! 
  • $6 Cable Clips (6) - Good deal at $1 each, I wanted these to help keep some of my cords on my desks or countertops in place. I like the color variety too. 
  • $4 Round Cord Clips (4, Clear) - I ordered these to help hide some of my extension or power cords around my desk and nightstands. 
  • $4 Smart Phone Station (1, Clear) - Ok, I know I got the bamboo station above for all of my devices, but I just thought this would be good for right beside the bed so I am not tripping over my phone or drawer looking for my phone. (I bought this similar Remote Control Holder a few weeks ago, and I really love it.)
  • $9 Heavy Duty Packing Tape (3 Rolls) - I recently bought a roll of the same sort of tape in the Up & Up Target brand and the quality was thin and SO bad that I had to get some decent tape. I sell a lot of mine and my Mom's clothing on Poshmark (you can use code: GRETCHSTARS to save $5 if you are new to the site) and Mercari (you can use code: TWTVPF to save $10 if you are new), so this tape is a lifesaver for me! And, just a quick tip: I usually package up the clothing I sell on these apps in old Prime envelopes or boxes, to recycle them! So, that is the entire reason I bought all this stuff! HAHA. 
That's it. I know it was a lot. I have not gotten out much lately and I can't sleep and let's get real - why am I making excuses. I needed some things, and Prime Day made me think I needed more things! I am ok with it. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, and let me know what you bought! 


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