GretchCannon: Weekend Roundup of OOTDs and Favorite Things


Weekend Roundup of OOTDs and Favorite Things

Happy weekend everyone! I will be with my family celebrating my amazing Mom's 66th birthday! 

Here are a couple of my latest Instagram #OOTD pics with shopping details, and then I will talk about 3 things I am loving lately. I always love reading what other people are reading or drinking or cooking or watching on TV, so - hopefully you will love this section too! 

White Lace Tank & Shorts:
Earrings: Similar
Necklace: Similar
Ring: Exact
Bracelets: Misc. Skinnies & Charm Bangles
Tank Top: Exact 
Denim Shorts: Exact 
Purse: Totally MM (Discontinued LV)
Sandals: Exact 

Trucker Hat & Yellow Shirt:
Trucker Hat: Exact
Necklace: Similar \ Similar
Earrings: Similar
iWatch Strap: Custom
T-Shirt: Similar \ Similar \ Similar \ Similar 
Denim Shorts: Exact Brand, Darker Color
Purse: Exact
Flip Flops: Exact 

Red Tank & Distressed Jeans:
Hat: Exact 
Sunglasses: Exact 
Earrings: Similar 
Necklace: Similar (same brand) 
iWatch Strap: Custom
Tank: Exact 
Jeans: SimilarSimilar \ Similar (same brand) 
Shoes: Exact 
Purse: Exact

Hopefully I can do one of these round ups weekly for you guys! 
  1. Book: I just finished and loved the audiobook: Braving The Wilderness, by Brene Brown. BTW, I also created a Media Highlights on my Instagram stories, so I can post any good stuff I am reading or watching! 
  1. TV Show: I am a few episodes into the new season of OITNB on Netflix and it is a GOOD one! Anyone else watching? 
  1. Beauty Product: I just finished a sample of this Bobbi Brown Concealer in the color Beige & I am ready to purchase it! Great color and full coverage for sleepy under eyes. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post - let me know, and let me know what you would like to see more of! Love you all! 


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