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Insta Roundup & 3 Faves

Happy weekend and almost end to September everyone!! 

#NoShopSeptember is almost over and I simply cannot do it for October LOL. I will continue to shop my closet and try not to spend any unneeded money, but I love looking for deals, and even more - I love sharing deals with you guys! 

I posted my latest Instagram posts below, with shoppable links and make sure to read to the end where I round up 3 faves or random loves for the week! I am loving doing this every week. I want to know your latest favorites too! 

Also, why do I use so many exclamation points when I blog!? I am just so excited to be alive and feeling a little better and be loved by God and my family, my friends and YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

1. "Things are happening guys. Thanks for all the prayers, love & support in the past week, month & year! It literally means the world.  How y’all doing? Let me live vicariously through your credit cards! Shop the look HERE or click the items below. Most items are “similar” because I am rocking my #noshopseptemberchallenge in these looks!" 

2. "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald My hat is on sale for less than $10! Shop this look HERE or click the items below. 

I also shared this awesome ring I got from Secret Wood - I am wearing it in the photo above. I got the Autumn River style, and it is so magical looking! Their jewelry is handcrafted in Canada, using resin and fine woods and each ring has a tiny piece of the world with wonderful sights and experiences within it. SO cool. The 1st 15 people to use my discount code: thanks_gretchcannon will get 15% off any item! This would be a really unique gift to get someone or to treat yourself with.

3. These are literally “My Favorite Hair Tie”! Check them out HERE & use code: GRETCH20 for 20% off your order & free shipping! I don’t get any commission or anything, I just wanted to share the love with you guys because I’m so obsessed - AND I love that they partner with Wigs for Kids!! They have packages for black, brunette, and blonde hair colors + clear & white. I hope you love them just as much as I do! Let me know if you try some! 

4. I had an annual checkup on this day & maybe an acupuncture appt tomorrow! I’m trying to decide if I want to keep acupuncture as a part of my routine, or take a break from it for a while. Do any of you do acupuncture? If so, how often? I am LOVING this Vince Camuto bag from my FabFitFun box! Click HERE to save $10 on your 1st box with the code: HARVESTShop the look HERE or click the items below! 

3 Favorite things this week: 

1. Listening to.. Maren Morris songs on repeat. I swear this girl is my spirit animal. I LOVE "MY CHURCH"!!!! Also, "I Could Use a Love Song", and "RICH"! 

2. Started reading.. The Dinner List, recommended by a Facebook book club I am in! The book is about the age old question "Name 5 people dead or alive that you would want to have dinner with". Audrey Hepburn is at the narrater's table and I am so excited to read this.

3. Something I have my eye on.. THIS designer dupe initial necklace. It is only $15 guys. Is it cheesy? It is a pretty good dupe for THIS $360 Celine designer one! I don't like designer dupes for purses, because I love a good quality, lifer purse (LV) - but for jewelry, I feel like this would be a fun piece to add to my fall wardrobe & end #noshopseptember with on 10/1! lol

What are you guys up to this weekend? 
Tell me your favorite things! 

Thanks for reading. Love you all! 



The Instagram 5 Roundup + 3 More Things Just for Fun

I hope your week is off to a good start! Here is my latest Instagram Roundup, so you can shop the looks right from this post! I am calling this week The Instagram 5 Roundup, but then I felt like I wanted to share more, so I added a few more fun things at the end for you. 

#1: Last Sunday, I wore this outfit to church. Click the photo or HERE to shop the look, or click on the products below! I am going to admit, I have not worn a straight leg or boot cut jean in AGES and I kind of loved it.
#2: I wore this look out with my Mom to run a bunch of errands. I am really into the return of the "Fisher/ Fiddler" cap/ hats, and I just love wearing the color green! Click the photo or HERE to shop the look, or click on the products below.
#3: Leopard Trend, shoe edition! I am loving all the leopard shoes that are in style right now. All the leopard anything actually, but I dug through my closet and found that I already had several pairs that were on-trend! Click HERE to shop, or click the individually recommended items below.
#4: If you follow my Instagram stories at all, then you will know that I was SO EXCITED that my FabFitFun Fall Box came in the mail last week! Click HERE to read my blog post ALLLL about the box, and click HERE to get your 1st box for $10 off when you use the code HARVEST. I have to say, I am SO impressed with the tote bag, and that Luna bar was amazing.

#5. I went casual with THIS LOOK last week for an appointment, and my #NoShopSeptember game is still going strong! I have not purchased any clothing, accessories or beauty item this month. I am saving money, hopefully practicing new habits, and it has been fun to shop my closet and dig out old things that haven't been worn in a while. I love this little pop-up mural that says "Make Waves". 


1. I finished reading I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson yesterday, and I was surprised - the book was honest and witty and I really enjoyed it. The Kindle version is only about $8 right now, so read it and let me know what you think!

2. I do a post called "Amazon Weekly" in one of my Facebook groups every Monday. You basically post what you bought the week before by screenshotting your Orders page. It is always fun to see what everyone else is getting from Prime, so I will share something here that I got last week - PopChips with Ridges. 24 individual bags for like $20 is a great deal and I cannot find this version in any store! They are SO good ya'll, better than the regular ones are for some reason.

3. I got an email newsletter from Trader Joe's today called PUMPKINTOPIA. Who else loves that? I was super excited, because I do love all the pumpkin things during fall and now I really want to try that gluten free pumpkin bread mix they have advertised!!!

That is it! I want to know what you bought on Amazon this week and if you have any fun plans for the rest of this week! Thank you for reading, I love you all! 




Happy Weekend Everyone! 

I have been going through old clothes, purging by trying to see what I want to sell on Poshmark or Mercari, or donate. In doing so, and you have probably done this once or twice in your life too - I say, "I don't need ANY new clothes!

So, I went on the record on Instagram stories to keep myself accountable and announced that I was challenging myself and my followers to #noshopseptember - meaning I cannot buy any new clothing or accessories for the rest of the month, at the least! Sounds easy right? I am a sucker for a sale though, and doesn't that thing always happen to you too when you are at Target and you just have to browse the new graphic tees or seasonal accessories?! Yep, I got you! 

See details for this look below. The hat and earrings are newer and exact, but the rest are "shopped" from my closet - meaning I haven't worn them in a while, so I found similar items that you could use to get the same look. I felt comfy and sassy in this and it felt good to get ready at least once this week, because I had my Plasmapheresis treatment on Monday and have been also resting and practicing self care. 

Upcoming blog posts to look out for: 

  • Creating Halloween party invitations with the customization site, Basic Invites
  • Some super cute fall pieces I got from an online boutique called PinkBlush.

Are you participating in #noshopseptember with me? 

Comment below! 



Instagram Roundup & Random Things of 3

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good weekend. I have a big week next week with a Plasmapheresis procedure, and hopefully a couple of social plans if I am up to it! Here are my last 3 Instagram posts and all the delicious shopping details: 

Top Sandal (beige)Exact 
Bottom Sandal (toffee suede)Exact

Earrings: Exact - $10!  
Bracelets: Similar
Phone Case: Exact
Blouse:Nordstrom Rack, Similar 
Sandals (beige)Exact  
Rug: Exact

Necklace: Small Boutique, Similar
Earrings: Exact
Bracelets: Similar
Sunglasses (in hand): Exact
Tank Top: Gifted, Similar, Similar
Skirt: Old Navy, Similar, Similar
Purse: Exact
Sandals (beige): Exact  

3 Random Things:
  • Another book finished, and 5 stars from me: My Oxford Year! I was excited for it to end, but then I was so sad it was over! I loved the landscape and the characters. It was kind of magical for me. I am ready to wanderlust as soon as I am able. I would love any book recommendations from all of you! 
  • I posted a ton of stuff to My Poshmark Closet and I have a ton more stuff to go through and post! If you don't already have an account, register HERE and use code GRETCHCANNON for $5 credit! I also posted some things to My Mercari Closet. Sign up HERE and use the code TWTVPF for a $10 coupon!
  • Amazon purchase of the week = These fabulous white Fuax Gucci Slides. Yaaasss, you are welcome! Seriously, let me know if you get these. I am pretty excited about them.. even if they do come from China and may not arrive for another month! Haha! 

Love you all! 



August Empties!

Hi friends! You know I love to celebrate my empties!!! I ran out of lots of stuff this past month - which makes me feel not SO guilty for all the purchases I made at the Sephora Sale - check that post out HERE - the sale is still going on till 9/3! I have lucky number 13 products to share with you that I finished up this month:

  1. Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt Mineral Soak - Love taking my bubble baths with this for pain and stress relief. 
  2. Makeup Remover Wipes - Buy these in bulk ladies, because they are so good!  
  3. Eyeliner - In the color Trooper - my ride or DIE! It is trying to roll behind the makeup wipes in my photo - oops
  4. Eye Cream - So good to use at night for your eye area. You wake up and the skin all around them feels plumper. 
  5. Dry Shampoo - I get this in the "deep & dark brown" color! So it doesn't leave any white stuff in your hair, and it kind of covers your roots a little too if you need that. 
  6. Setting Spray - I linked the same product, it just has fancy new packaging. This is the best setting spray out there. I usually try to purchase the NYX Dewy and Matte sprays though, because they are so much cheaper!
  7. Leave-In Conditioner Spray - This is such a cool brand called "Generic Value Products", that makes inexpensive versions of a lot of beauty products, particularly hair products. This one is a dupe for the It's a 10 Leave-In spray. The price really isn't much different here, but I feel like this generic bottle dispenses a lot more. For some reason my It's a 10 always got clogged! 
  8. Shine Oil - This stuff is amazing! Love putting it on the ends of my hair after curling or straightening for a little bit of shine. 
  9. Tanning Mousse - My RIDE OR DIE tanning product. I already have 2 on back up, I had a coupon and stocked up! I use the color Light Bronze. I apply it with THIS mitt from Amazon!
  10. Spray Lotion - in Cocoa Radiant. I should start buying these in bulk. If they ever discontinue this, I will be so bummed!
  11. Spray Lavender - I use this linen spray on my pillow at night to relax me before I go to sleep. It has real essential oils in it and it lasted me about 3 months, because I purchased it on June 1st. 
  12. Collagen Peptides - I put 1 scoop of this in my morning coffee. I am hoping it will help my hair grow, my nails be stronger, etc. It is supposed to help joint pain and your bones too! I also recommend this one by Great Lakes
  13. Dry Texture Spray - I got this as a Sephora trade-in for points deal. LOVE IT! So good for giving your hair some movement and texture. 
Hope you enjoyed my empties for August! 
What did you use up?? I am dying to know! 



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