GretchCannon: Instagram Latest 10 Posts!


Instagram Latest 10 Posts!

The weekend is coming to an end, there are 15 days till Christmas, I leave for a girls' trip to Utah in a few days, and I had a big yard sale this weekend! I only made about $150, because I live in a slow area with not a lot of traffic, BUT - I let go of TONS of stuff that didn't sell, that I didn't need and I have a HUGE donation to the Vietnam Veteran's happening this week! Feels good to let go of all that old stuff that I don't need, that has old memories, that doesn't bring me joy, etc. Don't you love that feeling?

I have lots of IG posts to catch up on, so here we go with the latest 10! 

1. Shop this look HERE and below. I am in love with these Ugg boots!
2. Obsessed with these new Jaclyn Hill Quay Sunglasses & Travel Case that I purchased:

3. Shop this look HERE and below: 
4. Shop this look HERE & below. This suede moto jacket is so fun to dress up your outfits with! 
5. Shop this look HERE & below. Love this cutest t-shirt!

6.  Shop this look HERE & below. Love feeling high fashion, but pairing the look with my favorite jeans

7. Shop this look HERE & below. Boots are exact, the rest are similar items!

8. Shop this look HERE & below: 
9. Shop the look HERE and below: 
10. Shop the look HERE and below:

I hope you all have a great week! Let me know what you would like to see more of - I am always looking for suggestions! 


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