GretchCannon: January Empties


January Empties

Happy 2019 and I have quite a few empties already in the new year - 15! I know everyone is on this Art of Tidying Up kick right now, so timing is kind of perfect to use up, declutter, and get rid of stuff! You guys know I get so much satisfaction from getting my money's worth on what I buy by using them up, and I love to share my thoughts on each item - how much I liked or disliked it and if I will be or have already purchased it again. Check out the deets below! 

  1. Epsom Salt - Love this one for relaxing baths. The coconut oil in this one makes it super nice. 
  2. Bubble Bath - This is a great smelling bubble bath that I loved adding to my nighttime routine. 
  3. Eyedrops - If you haven't tried these yet, you HAVE to! They do not burn and they make the whites of your eyes whiter in like 60 seconds, it is amazing. 
  4. Hair Spray - Good anti-frizz spray, that I would buy again. Love the new packaging! 
  5. Face Cream - This is a good night cream that is affordable and effective and you can pick up at the drug store. I love using this one when traveling. 
  6. Candle - Less than $30, a super luxurious feeling candle. Another lavender scent - my fav! 
  7. Shower Tanner - I don't LOVE this product, but there isn't really anything else like it, so I keep buying it just to have a tanning lotion that I can use sometimes in the shower before I get out. It is def. less messy! 
  8. Primer - Love this primer for before putting on my foundation and I would definitely buy it in full size now. 
  9. Toilet Spray - this stuff is amazing for travel, your guest bathroom, etc. 
  10. Mascara - Great black mascara, I loved trying this one out!
  11. Mascara - This is a really good one for lengthening! I love the brush on this one, it doesn't get all clumpy like some mascaras.
  12. Face Cream - Holy grail of soft moisturizing creams, I loved trying out this 1oz. bottle of La Mer that my Mom was allergic to and gifted to me! 
  13. Eyeliner - Not my Kat Von D that I love, but a close dupe for much cheaper! 
  14. Lip Gloss - $5 favorite lip gloss in the color Tiramisu. 
  15. Setting Spray - Less than $10, this is my FAV setting spray. 

What did you get through last month? 


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