GretchCannon: Spring Organization - My 5 Favorite Baskets!


Spring Organization - My 5 Favorite Baskets!

The 1st full day of Spring I believe is today, although it is rainy and chilly here in Southern California! I got the Marie Kondo itch to do some organizing and spring cleaning while stuck inside today, so I thought this would be a perfect time to share some of my favorite organization products. I get SO much pleasure from seeing something neat, clean and organized, and I realized that baskets really help me organize my home! Check out all the baskets I love below.

1. Baskets for pantry organization

These "Y weave" plastic baskets can really be used in any room or closet in your house. They are affordable, versatile, come in lots of sizes and 9 different colors. You can also buy them in a value pack. This is just a photo of how I use them for the snacks in my pantry: top shelf = 1 medium size on the left with nuts and seeds, 1 rectangle size in the middle with all of my protein and snack bars, 1 more medium size on the right with fruit snacks, dried fruit, etc.; bottom shelf = left side individual snacks, middle popcorn, right side, more chips and snacks.

2. Baskets for closet storage

Seems as these actual baskets are not available online anywhere, but I found the newer model for you here. I like to use these on the short top shelves of my closet for things like: hats, belts, and scarves. These can be awesome for bathroom product storage too, even maybe office storage, or toy storage if you have kids.

3. Baskets for under bed storage:

These can be used under the bed, in a shelf, under a desk , in a closet - pretty much ANYWHERE in your home. And they are so easy to shop for and affordable. They come in neutral colors to match your furniture, like white, tan, brown and black. I use brown ones in shelving unit for files, and then under my bed to store blankets, bedtime supplements and medications, and extra pillows! You NEED these! They come in a pack of 6 for less than $25, and they are super easy to pop out from folded and assemble.

These white cotton, canvas and cardboard baskets come in various sizes and look so cute in my office space, on a shelving unit. They are actually advertised as "toy bins", so that would be really cute too. I love the pop of gold on white and how it matches my decor - click here.

I use these in my bathroom to hold: my feminine products, washcloths, and bath products. These would be perfect for a nursery too - anywhere you need some storage with a little bit of a decorative touch. 


In writing this blog post, I realized just how much I depend on baskets to store things in my home! They are so versatile, and you can find them in plastic, woven, cotton - pretty much any medium that matches your decor.

I hope you liked this blog post - I know it was a little different, but I was on a cleaning frenzy today and got inspired to share!

I would love to know of any great go-to baskets you use in your home and how you use them for organization!! 



  1. I'm a HUGE fan of baskets for organizing. In fact, I just purchased some gold and white fabric storage bins to contain all my random stuff out of sight on my office bookshelves. They look super sharp!

  2. I love baskets too. It's so easy to organize things in the home using them - and it makes everything look super cute! I like to organize my tea towels and kitchen cloths this way.

  3. I love using baskets to organize! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome inspiration :)

    1. You're welcome girl - thank you for the LOVE!


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