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What's In My Purse & Purse Organization

I have never done a "What's In My Purse?" or "What's In My Bag?" post, and I LOVE seeing other people's, so let's dive in!

It is probably no surprise that I am a lover of Louis Vuitton purses. They never go out of style, they last forever, match everything, and I feel like they are just their own style icon.

For Spring right now, I am using the Louis Vuitton Neverful MM in Damier Azul. I love how lightweight it is, versatile, and stylish. Just a big bucket that is literally NEVER FULL. Or, in my case, I like to make it VERY FULL! I will occasionally purchase some LV "dupe" items you will see below, but as for the actual purses, I love the reliability and quality and style of the real thing, so I don't have any dupe suggestions for these! I have heard though that shopping on consignment sites like Poshmark or The Real Real, you might be able to save a little money on a great designer bag.

I got this felt insert (pictured below) to put inside the bag, in the combo Large/ Beige. I also use this nylon insert in Large/ Brown from time to time. I think these really help shape my bag, and if I am transferring my stuff from 1 bag to another, it makes it SUPER easy.

I love all the little compartments and I will show you what I keep in each one. I would actually love to scale down, but don't you just "need everything" you have in your bag? I feel like I do! Please tell me I am not the only pyscho carrying a 20lb bag because I NEED everything that is in it!?

I try to clean my entire purse out once a week, like on a Sunday night, by just dumping everything out on my bed or a rug. Then I go through the contents, throwing away things like protein bar wrappers or filing things like receipts. Then, I put away the 3998 extra lip glosses that have made their way into my bag that week, charge my tech stuff, and just put everything back together and organized again. AHHHH. Such a good feeling to start the week with, amiright?!

Here is a breakdown of some of the purse organization stuff I love (and pictured) and/or things that have helped me! If I forgot anything, feel free to ask!!! 

  • Felt Insert (see above for details!)
  • Clear Zip Bags - I recently starting using these instead of a makeup bag with designs on it, because I can actually see what I am looking for! Why didn't I think of this years ago? I have the small size, and you get 6 for about $12, so they end up being around $2 each and they lay really flat nicely too, which I think gives me a little more room as well. If I wasn't using the clear bags, I like to use just 1 big sturdy Makeup Bag LIKE THIS (an LV dupe that matches my bags), or the pretty ones you can get at Target now. 
    • Inside these bags, I have things like:
      • Lumify Eyedrops, extra contacts (I wear dailies in just 1 eye, so I just keep a couple extras in my bag, no case needed 
      • Floss Packs, with stick flossers in them (for when you get food stuck in your teeth after dinner!) + a couple of the same emptied flosser packs, but filled with hair ties, bobby pins, a tiny tweezer, a tiny nail file and nail clippers! I mean, I just don't know when I might need these things guys. And if I take anything out, there will be an end of the world scenario and I will regret removing the item!! LOL 
      • Misc: 
  • Starbucks Cup - only like $12-$15 for a cute reusable customizable cup like this!! I also use this section of the organizer for a water bottle, but I thought this cup was too cute not to include. 
  • Pill Organizers - Yes, I am "that girl" and I am not even a Mom! HEY - Allergies? I got you! Headache? I got you! Heartburn? I got you! You get the point... I got you. Love these because they fold over twice, and you can label each section.
    • I also forgot to include my daily pill organizer that I use day by day to take my medications and supplements on time. I love THIS ONE - it has been the most durable that I have found and does NOT open on accident, spilling your medications all over the car or your bag or your room. It is only $11 and mine has already lasted me a couple of years. I just put each day in my bag that morning and take it out at night when I get home. 
    • For trips, I also like to use these round containers for things like antacids or Tylenol, even spare change! 
  • Airpods headphones - in this rubber case to protect them and/or keep track of them with the keychain attachment; I also have and like THIS pair! Great for talking on the phone, or listening to music or your favorite podcast.
  • Portable phone charger - you need one of these if you don't have one! They are awesome for your purse, your work bag, and for traveling. You never know when you are going to need a charge!
  • Card case - This is a cheap LV dupe, I know!! But I just wanted something cute for my bag that I could carry extra cards in, that didn't cost me $300+. Shh, Mom is getting one of these in her Mother's Day gifts this year, too! The inside is a little lower quality with the accordion slots, but the outside is pretty legit and it works for what I need it for.  
  • Sunglasses (LOVE these $11 dupes for something much more ridiculously expensive - I own them in black and brown tortoise) & a Sunglasses Case (I use my skinny leopard zip one from my Quay x Jaclyn Hill sunnies).
  • Extra Glasses - either my prescription glasses or these blue light blocking glasses for when I am wearing my contacts.
  • Wallet - I use this Damier Ebene LV Wallet that has lasted me YEARS now, and you can now find some really good dupes like this too. I have had my eye on this one
  • Not pictured - keys with keychain - duh!!! I love this new repurposed LV and leopard keychain that I just added to my keys! And I carry this for self protection

I cannot imagine I forgot anything, but let me know if I did! I will sometimes get brave and carry a book or my ipad in my bag, too!! Sometimes a notepad if I need it too - but I try to keep my day planner at home, and use my phone for notes and calendar and as much as possible. STILL though, see - it is literally NEVER FULL. :) Mary Poppins bag, if you will....!!! TA-DA!

Please share any tips you have on purse organization with me!!! 
I love to hear it all! I would love to see your photos too! 




  1. OMG i really like your bag and your organisation stype :)
    I occasionally use a bag like that but more often a backpack.

    1. Thank you so much! A backpack is probably more conventional for sure! AND you can zip it.


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