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My Sunless Tanner Routine - 3 Steps!

My go-to 3 step sunless tanner popular request went live on my Instagram today! Not sponsored, this is the product I love & keep coming back to, so here’s what I do! Take notes or bookmark this post so you can refer to this later! Let me know if you try it!

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1. Shower or bathe & exfoliate w/ a body scrub, washcloth, or loofah. Dry & don’t put lotion on! I like to hold my hair back with one of these cute terry headbands. Super soft and stretchy. 

2. Use a hand mitt to apply the tanner (they have new colors like Deep Aruba or Tahiti Tan) & apply to 1 side of the body, 1 body part at a time..because let’s be honest, you’re gonna start & you’re gonna be naked, singing & feelin yourself & you’re gonna forget where you left off- trust me. I like this product bec it’s a tinted foam & I can immediately see it & it doesn’t streak. 

I put the mitt on my right hand and do: my right lower leg & knee (use sparingly on tops of feet, knees, & elbows -unless you want to look dirty AF, (which I often do), then the top portion of my leg & booty, then stomach & chest on the right, then right upper torso as much as i can contort.. then do the left arm & hand, switch the mitt & do the right arm & hand, then do the entire left side of the body like you did the right!

3. I got your back! Get it? Use a few pumps of your tanning product on the long handled mitt, I like to lay mine flat on the counter, then pump the foam on it. Then I turn around w/ my back to it and pick it up by the handles quickly & rub a dub dub, my back is tanned. Repeat if you have an extraordinarily large or long back, or you are clumsy like I am & are sure you missed a section back there that nobody will see anyway.

Tips: Stand on an old towel, use a little floor fan to help you dry faster, re-apply after 2ish showers, use regular lotion in between sessions to maintain the tan & not get dry splotchy sections, don’t get dressed right away, wash your mitts, & if you have any other tips, comment below!



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