GretchCannon: Bend it like Bekham?


Bend it like Bekham?

I used to "celeb-hate" Victoria Bekham. I didn't know her and didn't know much about her - I just knew that she looked like a skinny, plastic b-word.
Until I read her interview with Marie Claire magazine in November the other day! I was surprised, so I decided to blog about it. And, I loved the cover too!
It's one of those covers that I would probably save in a notebook if I worked for a magazine or a fashion company - for future inspiration, or something. I guess now I get to "scrapbook" it here in my blog. I love her recent Glamour cover too. She looks funky and cool.  
Things that made me flip my switch?

- She admits she never smiles but she doesn't know why. She says she is insecure. I found somewhere where she said "people have this impression that I'm a miserable cow that doesn't smile", but I am actually  quiet the opposite. I think she said she just reacts to the paparazzi that way. 

- She looks at her husband after he gets out of the shower and thinks to herself, "You done good, girl!"
- She admits she is not a good singer, and would rather be in fashion than an actress or performer. 
- She actually works out and eats healthy. She doesn't just naturally look that good. 
- She says she read once that "elegance is a privelege of age" and that "you get more comfortable with yourself as you get older". 
- She thinks she is incredibly ordinary looking, so she expresses herself with fashion. 
- I saw her on a show recently too - I think it was The View, showing some of her fashions. She was actually pretty funny and normal. 
And, what is this? A smile!? :)

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