GretchCannon: Take me to the Greek!


Take me to the Greek!

Yummy mid-morning snack @ work! Plain Greek style nonfat yogurt from Fresh & Easy, with Organic Agave drizzled in, a spoonful of Skippy Naturals chunky peanut butter, and.a dash of salt. Mmm! This cup o yogurt alone has 24 grams of protein! Happy Thursday and Happy Veteran's Day.


  1. I love Greek yogurt. I prefer the plain kind as well since you can add in so many fun mix ins.

  2. I know! Do you use FF or LF? What are some other good mix ins?

  3. Mmmm...that looks scrummy; I have never tasted Greek yogurt before. :)

  4. Cafe, I love the word scrummy! LOL. Never heard it before. Scrumptious + Yummy! <3 it. Well, I am lactose intolerant, and Greek yogurt doesn't bug my stomach for some reason. And it is high in protein and damn good! Let me know how you like it. Don't forget to add a sweetener. I even add a pinch of salt.


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