GretchCannon: Warm November Nights - Dinner


Warm November Nights - Dinner

It has been a warm couple of days in So Cal, so I decided to grill up a sort of "Warm November Nights" Picnic Dinner for James & I.

I borrowed a recipe from my friend Tonya for Feta Spinach Turkey Burgers, found a recipe for Baked Parmesan Fries and went to work. Recipes are below. Random notes: I added seasoned salt to the fries and turkey burger mix; I should have dried out the spinach more and put more feta in the burgers; If you want juicy burgers, use lean or regular turkey - I used extra lean because I usually buy that, and it dried out too fast on the grill. I also added chopped red onions to the burger mix, because we love red onions on everything.

I thought that I should make a sauce for the burgers and fries, and i loove In N' Out Burger's special sauce, so I looked up a recipe on my phone. It happened to be the same website "" that the other 2 recipes were from, so I thought that was pretty cool -- and we had just enough dill pickle slices left in the fridge to add to the sauce.

Viola! Dinner is served!! I added a little side Lite Caesar Salad (we buy the mix bags from Fresh & Easy), and I whipped up a quick lemonade, using lemon slices and Raw Stevia packets. Dinner was good!! Next time, I would use fattier meat if I wanted the burgers to be juicier, and probably a little less spinach, and a little more dry. We do have some leftovers, and I know James will finish off that sauce! :)

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