GretchCannon: I love my coffee in the morning, but...


I love my coffee in the morning, but...

I spilled hot coffee on my crotch this morning, getting into the vanpool van at the park n ride lot!!! Omg!
1. It hurt really bad. And it still hurts. Ouch. :(
2. I had to put my workout pants on in my car before we left since my pants were soaked and the pool we park at was not open yet.
3. My phone got wet and I had to take it apart to try and dry it. I hope I don't have to buy a new phone.  
4. I am sitting at work (in a corporate office lol) in black gym capris, while my pants & undies are still drying.
5. Good thing I wore flats today, or I would have boots and socks on with my gym pants!! Or I would have to put tennis shoes on! OMG.
Ugh! Happy Thursday to me! 
Well, TGIF tomorrow, geez!! 
Hope everyone else has a klutz free day :P!!

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