GretchCannon: Merry Christmas from my boyfriend!


Merry Christmas from my boyfriend!

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  1. Ooooohhhh....what kind of watch is it? I've been thinking about asking for a watch for my b-day!

  2. Hey Krista!! Thanks for following my blog, yay!! He actually bought me a Michael Kors watch because I had a few watches stolen when my car got broken into a couple of months ago. Well, it was very similar to one I already had -- so we went to Macy's to exchange it. Apparently he got the most $$ Kors watch, so we went to look at the Burberry watches!! The Kors have some really cute styles, but this is a classic I will wear forever. I love it!!

  3. I just love it! I will have to go by Macy's and check them out. I am looking for a classic watch that does not go out of style. I've been looking at Michele watches the last couple of months! I am definitely due for a new one!

  4. OOh those are nice too! I am in love with my Burberry one and I have not ever owned a watch this nice for before! LOL.. gotta take gooood care of it!


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