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Ebay Items Up!

Cleaning house today - I put some fun stuff on Ebay if anyone is interested! Aldo heels, designer jeans (Seven, Miss Me, Hudson, Juicy), Lululemon pants, Hollister, etc! See this listing, then follow me as a seller to see what I post. Happy Holidays!



Dec. 1st bloggie blog. :) Happy December!! It is holiday season!

What did you do in November? How was your Thanksgiving?
What are your plans for the month of December?



MY CYBER MONDAY SHOPPING! $367.95 Frye Boots. 
25% Cyber Monday Discount & Free Shipping 
= $91.99 Discount 
= Total $275.96
Shopped via Ebates
to get 16% Cyber Monday deal cash back 
=   $44 Cash Back 
$231.96 = $136 Discount!!

 2 itouchless trash cans from Home Depot = $69.97 each = $139.94

Fabric Steamer = $59.99 



Cyber Monday $5 off & free shipping 

w/ tax = $210.04

Shopped via Ebates for Cyber Monday 6% cash back = $12.60 cash back

Total Savings = $17.60!  Happy shopping! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Favorite Hair Products (before styling)

I'm blow drying my hair tonight with 1 arm so I can share with you my favorite hair products to use, before I curl or straighten my hair.

Out of the shower, I towel dry and do other things if I have time to let my hair air dry some.. My hair is too thick and wavy to ever air dry completely.

I first use Enjoy Conditioning Spray. It says it is a color holding formula.. It's good for detangling, protecting & frizz control. I'm obsessed with this & have bought it on eBay ever since probably 2003, when my old hair girl used it on me. Saw it at Ulta recently & the packaging changed. I also sometimes use Revlon anti snap, & want to give Pureology Essential Repair (not in photo) a try.

I found YouTube videos on this brush called Hair Free. You can empty your hair out of it easily & it helps straighten your hair while you dry it. Got my mom 1 for Xmas..shh!

I use a Revlon ceramic ionic blow dryer. Don't know if it's anything special, but I like it. And it has that narrow end piece that I use.

Before I blow dry, I also like to put Morrocon Oil on my ends. Feels super moisturizing & smells amazing.

2 other products I am trying to use are heat protectors: Alterna Caviar Styling Spray & Kenra Platinum Blowdry spray, which I learned about from Michelle Money on her YouTube channel. It smells like Maui. Love that.

Today I am flattening/ big barrel curling it with a big Hot Tools curling iron. I'll do all that fun stuff in another post (or video, Amy!)

When it's all shiny & done, I spray Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Rapid Repair Spray. It's super light weight & gives a good shine. I buy this on eBay too because it's cheaper. And I've been using this forever too.

I try to only wash my hair 2-3x a week, since it takes forever to Blowdry & style. When it's blonde it's drier, but I've been having to wash it more now that it's dark & gets oily & dirty faster.
It's a pain having such thick wavy hair, but it's fun to play with sometimes too!

Hope you liked my post! :) What products do you use to Blowdry your hair?

Yummy chicken recipe!

Made this for dinner tonight. Very good! I paired it with whole grain efa pasta, with garlic tomato sauce (& added stewed half tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, and green pesto to the sauce). Good Monday dinner, made with love!


My make-up faves!

Some of my make-up faves. I'm super simple & have never been a big makeup girl. Lately, I've been really into YouTube videos & learning more about makeup & skin care. And most of the stuff I use is from Target or CVS or RiteAid, but I have been trying new things or are about to try new things from places like Sephora or Ulta. I bought the Temptu a couple months ago, which I blogged about..& it was sticky and itchy. Waah no bueno, so I had to return it to QVC. Anywhoo.. These are my go-to things... If you care :P these will change, but I love these right now..& I'm putting it on right now as I type this post on my this is the order I put it on too. I'd love to do a YouTube video one day too for fun, but Im scurred! Lol never did one of those before! Ok here goes..

Foundation: I love Maybelline Pure Makeup, Loreal Visible Lift, & I like to mix it all with Lancôme Flash Bronzer.
I don't really use primers, but I do want to experiment with that. Also ordered makeup forever hd from sephora that I am excited to try.

Concealer: Almay clear complexion and line smoothing.

Lip balm: CO Bigelow Lemon, Burt's Bees Berry & EOS Lemon.

Clear brow Gel: Ulta or whatever brand I can find.

Bronzers & Blushes: Ulta, Mac, TooFaced. Excited to try Nars.

Eyeshadow: any fun palette w good colors, right now I use MAC, cover girl & Loreal. Sometimes TooFaced or Ulta.

Eyebrow Powder: started filling my brows in after my friends wedding in may. The makeup girl did it on me & I really liked it.. Lol but I've been using 2 eyeshadows that work well.. Bobbi Brown Taupe & MAC Espresso Matte. I got some eyebrow kits from Clinique & NYC, but I still like the shadows better for now. I might try a pencil soon too.

Eyeliner: I like liquids for the top like Almay, & if I do the bottom or water line I like rolling pencils like Almay or Revlon.

Eyelash Curler & Lashes: don't use these much! I suck at lashes, & sometimes use a cheap curler from the drugstore.

Mascara: right now I heart a cheapie that works awesome.. Prestige my biggest lashes. I also like Lash Stilleto by Maybeline. Recently ordered a Benefit mascara to try that I learned about on YouTube.

Powder: I like StudioFix MAC and Almost Powder Clinique. Lately I've just been using Maybelline mineral powder with a brush.

Lipgloss & Lipstick: I don't wear much lipstick, so if I was going out I'd just use a MAC or ULTA one that I've gotten as free gifts.. And for glosses I like MAC, Rock&republic, Clinique & Stila.

For applicators, I just use circle sponges from the drugstore for foundation, or a MAC or Sonia Kashuk brush I have when going out. I need to learn more about what brush does what well, lol.. But for now I use an assortment of brushes I've collected: MAC, Nordstrom, ULTA, Bare Minerals, Sonia Kashuk.

That's all folks! Off to run some errands! Least I gots my makeup on now! :)


Fun fall nails!

I got this idea from Pinterest, of course. I used a light nude color (cafe au lait 220 Sally Hansen complete salon manicure, 2 coats), then brushed a tiny bit of gold specs on the nail tip, then dragged down to fade it (Milani 510 3D holographic nail lacquer). I'm not going to put a top coat. I like it for a fun fall nail!


New OMBRE' style hair color!

Check out my new OMBRE' style hair color!
Got it last week, but curled it last night for a concert.
I like the change, very fun!

Bag - Kate Spade, Tank - Forever21, Jeans - 7FAM, Shoes - Guess


Date night outfit & pony! :)

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DIY "Where we have been" Map

DIY "Where we have been" Map -

Corkboard, already framed - found @ TJ Maxx HomeGood for $40!

Bought a map online & some map tacs. 
Hard to get the map to stick to the bulletin board, so I tucked it under the frame as much as I could, then pinned it around the edges with pins. I will change these later for another color, so it doesnt look like we have actually been in those places. I think it turned out pretty nice!! I put it up in the hallway between the kitchen and dining room.
We need to travel more :) !!!

Saturday Home Cookin'

Made Chicken with Artichokes & Lemon, along with Baked Tomatoes, Squash & Potatoes yesterday.
I used chicken breasts vs. thighs, and pretty much followed the recipes besides that.
Very yummy! :)

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I live in BFE and work and commute too much so I do a lot of online shopping. I wish H&M had online shopping. This might be the next best thing. ZARA.

Free shipping & I could pay via Paypal, sweet!! For about $33, I got this super cute scarf today. 
Kind of looks like an Alexander McQueen.


All did up.

Channeled my inner Jillian Barberie, Courtney Kerr, Michele Money hair tonight for dinner!

xo xo fitfashionista girl..

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Pinterest Hair

Tried 2 hair styles from Pinterest/ YouTube. No bueno.
1st one is sock bun. The sock bun worked ok - but it is huge!
I sprayed my hair wet and when it was dry, I took it out & not curly.
My girlfriend did this one with wet hair overnight and hers was so awesome!
She has naturally straight hair though, and I do not. Mine is curly and afro-esque.

Tried the one where you wrap all the hair in sections into a stretchy hair band.
My boyfriend was calling me Princess Leah. 
I woke up with kinky tangly curls.

Owell, it was fun! Guess I can't ever go to bed with wet hair and try to make a hair style! :P

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August Already!?

Happy August 1st. My July flew by.. bittersweet I suppose. I wish summer felt as long as winter!  

Spent the nite with a work friend got a french braid in my hair. I never have learned to do this to myself or anyone else. Such a fun girls nite. Felt like I was 11 again.

Love to throw some kidney beans & garbanzo beans in a bowl, with some lemon juice and olive oil, garlic salt & red onions & cilantro. Refrigerate & eat for a snack or lunch! Mmm!

Baseball game digs - Tank - Forever21

Happy August!


Some July Cell Shots

Happy July! Here are my cell shots from the past few weeks! 

- Fun bday gift for my friend & coworker Elaine! Cute bag from Pier 1, cute birdie salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1, a big owl necklace from Forever21, and a cute Lakers shirt from Old Navy!

-All wrapped up!

-Made another yummy Hungry Girl Fiber One treat - Tilapia and veggies, with lemony buttery brown rice. 

-Got a new cell phone case & this is my cute Anthro owl ring Elaine got ME last month for my bday!

-There are food trucks right by my work every Wed now. A vegan organic one too. Can't wait to try it out. 

-Tried some fun greenish nail polish :P

-Tried a fish tail braid a few times in a row, learned on YouTube lol. 
 -My perfume station in my bathroom and my cute giraffe ring holder Elaine got me from Anthro.

-Ready for a baseball game in a cute H&M tank Jamie got me for my bday!

Cheers to August!


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