GretchCannon: Healthy Travel Tips!


Healthy Travel Tips!

Healthy Travel Tips!!

My boyfriend & I will be taking a trip here soon and we finally got back into the swing of the gym & healthy eatin’ again! So – we have been trying to figure out how to stay on the diet-friendly track while we eat when we are away from home. Here are some things I came up with for us, by checking out tons of articles and thinking about what would probably work best for us. We are lucky that the hotel we are staying at gives out free passes to a Gold’s Gym down the street – so we will definitely be hitting that up! Enjoy!

When booking –
  • Request fridge and microwave be in the hotel room if possible.
  • Ask about what fitness facilities will be available.

Bring in your packed bags --
  • Small George Foreman – make grilled chicken, turkey & fish – even veggies in hotel room.
  • Ziploc bags & Tupperware to bring your food on the road with you for the day.
  • Dry brown rice, oatmeal – maybe rice cakes and corn tortillas, wheat tortillas, tuna cans, peanut butter, nuts & Stevia.
  • Any condiments you have to have – hot sauce, salt & pepper, mustard.
  • Dry protein powder & something to blend or shake them up in.
  • Vitamins & supplements.
  • Collapsible freezer bag that can be used in the car when you arrive.

Bring on the plane –
  • Precooked protein pancakes in Ziploc bags.
  • Low sugar protein bars.
  • Apple & nuts.
  • Plain salad purchased in the airport deli.

When you get there –
  • Buy meat at the grocery store (unless your flight is less than 6 hours – in which case you can freeze your meat in Ziploc bags and then put them in the fridge @ the hotel).
  • Buy big water bottles.
  • Buy some things at the store like veggies & berries, bananas, lemons. 
  • Protein bars if necessary – low sugar.
  • Frozen veggies in steamer packs.

Eating out –
  • Salad with plain chicken and balsamic vinegar for dressing.
  • Lean meat with a plain potato, yam or rice & veggies with no sauce.
  • Egg white omelets with veggies – not cooked in butter.
  • Protein should be grilled, broiled or baked.

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