GretchCannon: HappY MondaY


HappY MondaY

Happy Monday -- here are some fitness posts I have been saving up on my cell phone camera over the past week... 
Cameron Diaz is ripped! Look @ those arms!! Wow! I want those!

Bag lady before & after! Above, I was breaking my back at work with my bags. Big bag = planner, notebook, laptop, work stuff; Left = Big purse; Right = Gym bag; Front = Lunch bag!! Whew! So, I decided to give a rolling bag a try-- see below. I know its big and looks like I am going to Vegas every day at work, but it feels SO much better on my shoulders and back, so who cares?!
My 2nd meal of the day that I <3 -- corn tortillas, shredded chicken, avocado, lime juice, sea salt & cholula hot sauce! Mmm! --
My "proatmeal"! When I don't have time to make a protein pancake with egg whites & oats, I make this -- just 1 scoop PVL Whey Gourmet Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor, 1 pack weight control oats, and I added blueberries. Yum!! 
Have a fabulous week!

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