GretchCannon: Some July Cell Shots


Some July Cell Shots

Happy July! Here are my cell shots from the past few weeks! 

- Fun bday gift for my friend & coworker Elaine! Cute bag from Pier 1, cute birdie salt & pepper shakers from Pier 1, a big owl necklace from Forever21, and a cute Lakers shirt from Old Navy!

-All wrapped up!

-Made another yummy Hungry Girl Fiber One treat - Tilapia and veggies, with lemony buttery brown rice. 

-Got a new cell phone case & this is my cute Anthro owl ring Elaine got ME last month for my bday!

-There are food trucks right by my work every Wed now. A vegan organic one too. Can't wait to try it out. 

-Tried some fun greenish nail polish :P

-Tried a fish tail braid a few times in a row, learned on YouTube lol. 
 -My perfume station in my bathroom and my cute giraffe ring holder Elaine got me from Anthro.

-Ready for a baseball game in a cute H&M tank Jamie got me for my bday!

Cheers to August!

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