GretchCannon: Weekend Cookin'!


Weekend Cookin'!

Decided to do some cooking this weekend! Used some Hungry Girl recipes, inspired by my brother's girlfriend Andrea. 1st up - De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket! Here is the recipe I followed:


The ingredients are super simple. I actually got Turkey Franks vs. FF Beef Franks. I don't love hot dogs, but I like turkey substitutes & they are still super LF. And, I got Albertson's brand Crescent Rolls. These would be super cute to make for a party & super quick and easy.

Roll em up and pop em in the oven!

Some fell apart in the oven, but they all looked good -

I put the pretty ones on a plate and shared with James - with Low Sugar Ketchup & Brown Mustard. :) Yum!

Then, later for dinner, I tried another HG recipe for "faux fried chicken" & I made steamed artichoke. My ingredients for the chicken are below - using Fiber One cereal - & then the recipe for the chicken and the recipe for the artichoke - from a Better HG cookbook.

The chicken was super filling with the coating! And I made 2 sauces for the artichoke - 1 butter garlic lemon sauce & one mayo garlic lemon sauce. 


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