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Pinterest Hair

Tried 2 hair styles from Pinterest/ YouTube. No bueno.
1st one is sock bun. The sock bun worked ok - but it is huge!
I sprayed my hair wet and when it was dry, I took it out & not curly.
My girlfriend did this one with wet hair overnight and hers was so awesome!
She has naturally straight hair though, and I do not. Mine is curly and afro-esque.

Tried the one where you wrap all the hair in sections into a stretchy hair band.
My boyfriend was calling me Princess Leah. 
I woke up with kinky tangly curls.

Owell, it was fun! Guess I can't ever go to bed with wet hair and try to make a hair style! :P

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  1. Gretchen you should try it again but dry your hair completely first. I would even try it with your hair a little dirty. The natural oils from your hair will help it to not frizz out when you take your hair down. When my hair was long I would do the bun all the time. I recently tried the other one ( your second picture ) and that one worked awesome on my hair when it was dry and dirty. When it was slightly wet and clean it totally frizz out! I can't wait until my hair is even longer and I can try it again! :)

  2. aw thanks Katie.. thanks for reading my blog too!! i will try it!! take some pix when you do!


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