GretchCannon: 09.2011


Date night outfit & pony! :)

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DIY "Where we have been" Map

DIY "Where we have been" Map -

Corkboard, already framed - found @ TJ Maxx HomeGood for $40!

Bought a map online & some map tacs. 
Hard to get the map to stick to the bulletin board, so I tucked it under the frame as much as I could, then pinned it around the edges with pins. I will change these later for another color, so it doesnt look like we have actually been in those places. I think it turned out pretty nice!! I put it up in the hallway between the kitchen and dining room.
We need to travel more :) !!!

Saturday Home Cookin'

Made Chicken with Artichokes & Lemon, along with Baked Tomatoes, Squash & Potatoes yesterday.
I used chicken breasts vs. thighs, and pretty much followed the recipes besides that.
Very yummy! :)

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I live in BFE and work and commute too much so I do a lot of online shopping. I wish H&M had online shopping. This might be the next best thing. ZARA.

Free shipping & I could pay via Paypal, sweet!! For about $33, I got this super cute scarf today. 
Kind of looks like an Alexander McQueen.


All did up.

Channeled my inner Jillian Barberie, Courtney Kerr, Michele Money hair tonight for dinner!

xo xo fitfashionista girl..

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