GretchCannon: DIY "Where we have been" Map


DIY "Where we have been" Map

DIY "Where we have been" Map -

Corkboard, already framed - found @ TJ Maxx HomeGood for $40!

Bought a map online & some map tacs. 
Hard to get the map to stick to the bulletin board, so I tucked it under the frame as much as I could, then pinned it around the edges with pins. I will change these later for another color, so it doesnt look like we have actually been in those places. I think it turned out pretty nice!! I put it up in the hallway between the kitchen and dining room.
We need to travel more :) !!!


  1. What an awesome idea! Where did you find the map? Home goods also? We're moving overseas in march and I'd love to have one up in our home there to document our travels in Asia!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog breezie!! I ordered the map online - the colors kind of match our house and i had to find something kind of the size of the board. I still had to trim the map some though, and I wish it stuck better, but I think it looks nice. Where are you moving? Wow!!


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