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Wish Lists & ZWOW #4

Did 60 min incline walking on the treadmill yesterday at the gym. Had pita chips for dinner though with some hummus. My stomach has been killing me for some reason so I felt sick. And, I was wiped out from the cardio. I have low blood sugar & low blood pressure, so after that long, I feel like I need a salty sugary treat. I will have to remember to drink PowerAde Zero vs. plain water when I can at the gym. Tonight I had some fun pinning all kinds of Wish List stuff to my Pinterest ...

...and then I did ZWOW #4! It took me about 20 minutes, but I had to do some modifications. I cannot do 20 burpees with pushups like she does, and my jump rope kept falling apart. But, I still finished with a beet red face, so I think I did well. Tomorrow is Friday, so Happy Friday!


Zuzana Light Workout of the Week #3

Ok, now these are called ZWOW (Workout of the Week). I did a 60 min (approx. 3 mile) walk outside yesterday. Today I did #3 ZWOW in 16 minutes! Zuzana did hers in 18:18 - so I am sure my form suffered somewhere - but I am dying right now! My face is bright red. Happy Sunday, time to shower!


Zuzana Workout of the Day #2

I did Zuzana Workout of the Day #2 today at lunch. 
My time was 18 minutes. I feel like I am having an asthma attack! 

Louis Vuitton Painting Class!

I did another Timree painting class last night with my girlfriend Elaine in Newport.
Check out our LV masterpieces! It was a fun Girls Night! :)

Bag - LV, Shirt - Nordstrom

Oh Zuzana!

I just did my 1st Zuzana Light video today. I am working from home and did it on my lunch break in my office, as some Mason guys are building the stones for our new entertainment center in our den! 

I have cruised some BodyRock videos in the past month or so, but didn't have the equipment to do a lot of their moves, so I hadn't tried a full video yet. I found this one today - no equipment, just a floor and your body, and it is kind of like a cross fit WOD "workout of the day", for time. 

Well, I went on her Facebook page afterwards, and everyone had times that were much lower than mine - from 20-26 minutes! Then I realized I thought you were supposed to do the whole workout 5 times! You are only supposed to do it 3 times! So I got a longer workout in, right? Now I find it funny but it wasn't funny doing it! LOL. I did 5 rounds in 36 minutes. And, of course, I did it with some modifications - because I am not as flexible as her, or as strong, or as agile -- and I was sick all last week and haven't worked out hard in a while. I am sweating! I was expecting to see her abs when I looked in the mirror too, but dammit they were not there! :P 

Dive Bombers x 10 reps
Burpees x 5 reps (her burpees include a push-up -- cray cray!) 
Squat Side Leg Lifts 20 reps right + 20 reps left
Burpees x 5
Side Plank Lift 10 reps right + 10 reps left 
Burpees x 5
Pistol Squat (lift 1 leg to the front) - 10 on each side 
Burpees x5 

Repeat THREE times, or 5 if you are ambitious (illiterate) like me! :)

Oh Zuzana! 


Fun Casual Day Work Outfit

Fun "Casual Day" Work Outfit from last week!

Black Jacket & Watch: Michael Kors
"Gummy" Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Sweatshirt Top & Necklace: Nordstrom
Boots: Franco Sarto
Scarf: Zara
Purse: Louis Vuitton
iPhone Case: Tory Burch

I wish I could dress casual @ work every day!
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As Seen on BravoTV! BFF Paint Class!

As Seen on BravoTV! BFF Paint Class yesterday in Newport @ Timree.
So much fun!! :) We painted shoes to go in our closets at home.


Fun Weekend Outfit!

Check out the fun weekend outfit I put together on Saturday for a family birthday party!
You can find all of the collage images on Polyvore too.
Who else is starting to channel Springtime with their fashion? :)



So, in leu of my recent shopping sprees/ hauls, I realized that I really need to budget myself. I didn't get much of a raise this year, and gas prices are only getting higher, so I need to pay off my credit cards, stop using them all together really - and really start budgeting.  I also have NO savings. This is terrible. I am 31 years old. I need to save some money. I have 401K for work, but you can't touch that, and James has savings - but I have nothing of my own in case something happens to me. I lived with my parents for a year and saved over $20K to put towards our down payment on our home. This felt amazing. But, then again I had no rent or mortgage back then. So, now I have to work around my high mortgage payment and other bills, and make what is leftover work for me, plus try to save something.

This means to me... wear the clothes I have, track my spending and work with James on our grocery and eating out dollars. I think we spend a ton on that. Don't buy a ton of stuff we don't need at the grocery store, don't eat Mexican food on a week night, and don't get sucked into online shopping sales!

I think my problem also is that I have money in the bank, so I spend on my credit card to get points, etc, and I intend on paying it off -- then by the time the bill comes, I already spent the money I was going to use to pay the credit card and now I am in debt!! Bahh!! Wahh!

This Fit Fashionista needs to be more fit and less fashionista for a while.. :P Then I would spend more time working out, and in return I would enjoy the clothes I have more anyways, right? It is a good thought!

How much do you guys spend on groceries or eating out a week? Does anyone else keep a budget? Tips welcome! Have a great week! :)


Online Shopping Haul!

So, I live about 30 minutes from anywhere to shop.. I commute on T, W, Th to work in a vanpool and am gone from home about 12-14 hours a day.. then I work at home on M, F -- and am so busy cleaning house and seeing loved ones on the weekends.. or resting or trying to work out.. So this fashionista doesn't have a ton of time to shop to her heart's content.

I have subscriptions to 5 bazillion online shopping websites - so when there is a sale - count me in. I dont shop often - but give me a Saturday on the computer and I can be dangerous!! And, I always start at Ebates, so that I get cash back on my purchases.

I love to watch some YouTube make up and beauty and fashion hauls - so here is my bloggy online shopping haul from last month. Most of the stuff came in the mail over the last few days this week. Enjoy!

Under Armour Shop.. shorts, tank, capris, + 1 t-shirt gift (not pictured) = $131. Ok, so I am trying to convince myself to work out more. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, ya!

Macy's.. Estee Lauder Time Zone Night Cream (fave!), giving this blush/bronzer a try - "Benefit Sugarbomb Sugar Rush Flush Face Powder"... smells great - long name!.. and I got a free skin sampler bag with $75 beauty purchase - it is pretty good! Here is what was inside - "Ahava Mineral Hand Cream .68 oz, Lancôme Rénergie Lift Volumetry 0.5 oz, Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Sheer Oil-Free Facial Lotion 0.3 oz, StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum 0.25 oz, Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer 0.17 oz, Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum 0.04 oz x 2, Origins A Perfect World 0.07 oz, Origins Plantscription 0.05 oz, Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector 0.05 oz x 2, Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator 0.05 oz x 2 in a silver organza bag." AND.. I got the neon yellow BCBG dress I posted about in another blog post -  it is super cute, I hope it fits. I haven't tried it on yet. :P All of this for $178.     

Forever 21...  All of the below for $128! Everything looks fab, but the Colorblock dress looks a little big and maybe c-thru? I will have to try it on. I have had that problem with F21 before. WTH!?

tem DescriptionQtyPrice
Product ImageVibrant Knotted Headwrap
Product Code #: 1000034567021

Product ImageEssential Double Knit Blazer
Product Code #: 2011409533054

Product ImageVintaged Jewels Necklace
Product Code #: 1000037176021

Product ImageGarden Variety Top
Product Code #: 2002930451013

Product ImageDraped Colorblock Dress
Product Code #: 2000033737043

Product ImageColorblock Zipper Tank
Product Code #: 2008584731044

Product ImageTropical Flower Necklace
Product Code #: 1000037771021

So there you have it. The damage has been done. :) I also got a couple things from It was my 1st purchase from them and I was NOT impressed. They sent me a bikini top instead of the bottom that I ordered. A dress I got had threads coming out of it, and another dress they sent me an XS vs. the M that I ordered. So, I probably won't be ordering from them again. 

I will probably put myself on shopping lock down for a bit - but I am sort of dying over this clutch from Topshop that I saw on Pinterest ..   :) Perfect for March, right? And Tiffany mint green? Love it! 

Now I need to go work out in my new workout clothes, and then wear something else new to our 5 year old nephew's bday party today :) 

Happy online shopping ya'LL!! :)



February in-review... I don’t even remember it. Why does every month go by so darn fast!!!!??

·         We went to a Super bowl party & I made my fun blue moon cupcakes.
·         James's shop got broken into and his partner got a LOT of cash stolen from a safe. This was terrible and made us all feel sick. They were not able to catch any suspects, but they have amazing security up now at the shop.
·         Got a filling @ the dentist (exciting life, I know) - and he wants to do a crown that costs almost $600. I am procrastinating on this one now for sure.
·         I got a new iMAC computer for my early Valentine's Day gift! <3 I heard that "Once you go MAC, you neva' go back"!

Jacket - Nordstrom

·         Went to Supercross in SD with the Wulfs and Ian and Lauren. So fun, but the door man took my mini umbrella. So bummed!

Shirt - Harley Davidson

·         My little brother (Matt, 28) PROPOSED to his girlfriend of 7 years (Andrea) - at the EIFLE TOWER!! My heart continues to burst with love and excitement for them. I love them both and it's just so perfect and romantic. <3 <3

·         Met up with my parents at the Temecula Mall one day for a long walk and lunch..
·         Finally watched Breaking Dawn (rented from AppleTV) - really liked it, best Twilight movie so far, and James liked it too!
·         Skyped with Matt, Drea and my mom to talk about the engagement..
·         Got a massage & facial last week at a spa in Bonsall for a $60 special! Wonderful! And found lots of cute eateries that I never knew about!
·         James started a new home project rebuilding our entertainment center in our den,

·         and I didn’t work out enough. Well I guess I was busy per the above -- but I need to stop being a b$%ch! :P Deliberately exercised about 8x, for 370 min total, or 6.1 hours. Most was in the last couple of weeks though, so hopefully I am on a good track for March.

Looking forward to in March:

·         Nephew Cade's 4th bday party this Saturday
·         Maybe trying a church out in our city,
·         Maybe trying a painting class with or without girlfriends, in the OC

·         Dr. Appt in LA with Mom - check up to my specialty Dr.
·         Tax appointment!
·         2 year anniversary of our home!

Happy Leap Year & Happy March.. and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you all have a good one, too!


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