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So, in leu of my recent shopping sprees/ hauls, I realized that I really need to budget myself. I didn't get much of a raise this year, and gas prices are only getting higher, so I need to pay off my credit cards, stop using them all together really - and really start budgeting.  I also have NO savings. This is terrible. I am 31 years old. I need to save some money. I have 401K for work, but you can't touch that, and James has savings - but I have nothing of my own in case something happens to me. I lived with my parents for a year and saved over $20K to put towards our down payment on our home. This felt amazing. But, then again I had no rent or mortgage back then. So, now I have to work around my high mortgage payment and other bills, and make what is leftover work for me, plus try to save something.

This means to me... wear the clothes I have, track my spending and work with James on our grocery and eating out dollars. I think we spend a ton on that. Don't buy a ton of stuff we don't need at the grocery store, don't eat Mexican food on a week night, and don't get sucked into online shopping sales!

I think my problem also is that I have money in the bank, so I spend on my credit card to get points, etc, and I intend on paying it off -- then by the time the bill comes, I already spent the money I was going to use to pay the credit card and now I am in debt!! Bahh!! Wahh!

This Fit Fashionista needs to be more fit and less fashionista for a while.. :P Then I would spend more time working out, and in return I would enjoy the clothes I have more anyways, right? It is a good thought!

How much do you guys spend on groceries or eating out a week? Does anyone else keep a budget? Tips welcome! Have a great week! :)


  1. I can completely relate! My husband and I spend roughly $100 a week on groceries (we rarely eat out during the weekdays) and budget about $50-$75 a weekend for eating out. It certainly doesn't help that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world - so budgeting is a must. But...I leave the details to my husband! lol

    1. Where do you live?! That amount sounds about right! It gets expensive! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. we spend about $200 a week on food and eating out...the only way I can budget myself is shopping online (for food, clothes, anything) so that I continuously see the total (rather than waiting to get to the register and realizing I way overbought)

    1. That is a great idea! I wish we could order our food online! I always buy stuff I dont need!


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