GretchCannon: HAPPY MARCH!



February in-review... I don’t even remember it. Why does every month go by so darn fast!!!!??

·         We went to a Super bowl party & I made my fun blue moon cupcakes.
·         James's shop got broken into and his partner got a LOT of cash stolen from a safe. This was terrible and made us all feel sick. They were not able to catch any suspects, but they have amazing security up now at the shop.
·         Got a filling @ the dentist (exciting life, I know) - and he wants to do a crown that costs almost $600. I am procrastinating on this one now for sure.
·         I got a new iMAC computer for my early Valentine's Day gift! <3 I heard that "Once you go MAC, you neva' go back"!

Jacket - Nordstrom

·         Went to Supercross in SD with the Wulfs and Ian and Lauren. So fun, but the door man took my mini umbrella. So bummed!

Shirt - Harley Davidson

·         My little brother (Matt, 28) PROPOSED to his girlfriend of 7 years (Andrea) - at the EIFLE TOWER!! My heart continues to burst with love and excitement for them. I love them both and it's just so perfect and romantic. <3 <3

·         Met up with my parents at the Temecula Mall one day for a long walk and lunch..
·         Finally watched Breaking Dawn (rented from AppleTV) - really liked it, best Twilight movie so far, and James liked it too!
·         Skyped with Matt, Drea and my mom to talk about the engagement..
·         Got a massage & facial last week at a spa in Bonsall for a $60 special! Wonderful! And found lots of cute eateries that I never knew about!
·         James started a new home project rebuilding our entertainment center in our den,

·         and I didn’t work out enough. Well I guess I was busy per the above -- but I need to stop being a b$%ch! :P Deliberately exercised about 8x, for 370 min total, or 6.1 hours. Most was in the last couple of weeks though, so hopefully I am on a good track for March.

Looking forward to in March:

·         Nephew Cade's 4th bday party this Saturday
·         Maybe trying a church out in our city,
·         Maybe trying a painting class with or without girlfriends, in the OC

·         Dr. Appt in LA with Mom - check up to my specialty Dr.
·         Tax appointment!
·         2 year anniversary of our home!

Happy Leap Year & Happy March.. and Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Hope you all have a good one, too!


  1. that's a busy, busy February! thanks for the shout-out too <3 Matt and I want to FaceTime again whenever you and your mama have time!


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